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 All authors, surname starts with A BooksGenres
Avery Aames8m
Rachel AaronNew Books15f
Ben AaronovitchNew Books17f,s
Edward S Aarons56m
Kathy Aarons3m
Carolyne AarsenNew Books86r
Lynn Abbey40f
Sparkle Abbey10m
Adele AbbottNew Books30m
Allyson K AbbottNew Books6m
Jeff AbbottNew Books21m,t
Kristi Abbott3m
Megan AbbottNew Books12m
Rachel AbbottNew Books11m
Tony AbbottNew Books109f
Victoria Abbott5m
Shana Abé15f,r
James Abel4t
Joe Abercrombie14f
Keith Ablow16m
Dan AbnettNew Books69f,s,t
Daniel AbrahamNew Books19f
Peter Abrahams28m
Tom AbrahamsNew Books20h,s
Cathy Ace13m
André Aciman9
Peter AckroydNew Books61m
Bobby AdairNew Books33h,s
Cherry AdairNew Books46f,m,r,t
Marina AdairNew Books17r
C T AdamsNew Books17f,r
Cat Adams10f,h
Douglas AdamsNew Books34s
Ellery AdamsNew Books42m
Emma L AdamsNew Books34f
Guy Adams41h,m,s
Jane A AdamsNew Books31m
Max Adams2t
Milly AdamsNew Books6
Noelle AdamsNew Books69r
Richard Adams24f
Riley Adams4m
Robert Adams40s
Tessa Adams6h,r
Will Adams6t
Lydia Adamson42m
Corban Addison4
Tomi AdeyemiNew Books2f
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie11
Shelley AdinaNew Books34f,h,m,r,s
Elizabeth AdlerNew Books34m,r
Rebecca AdlerNew Books3m
Jussi Adler-OlsenNew Books9m
Alexandra Adornetto9f,r
Lara AdrianNew Books52f,h,m,r
Tessa AfsharNew Books7
Katie Agnew7r,s
Ann AguirreNew Books41f,h,r,s
Renée AhdiehNew Books11f,s
Cecelia AhernNew Books29f,r,s
Jerry Ahern112s,t
Stefan AhnhemNew Books4m
Simona AhrnstedtNew Books3r
Jane Aiken Hodge36
G A Aiken14f,r
Ginny Aiken38m,r
Joan Aiken133f,h,m
Catherine Aird31m
Rennie Airth7m
James Aitcheson4
Bobby AkartNew Books26s
Boris AkuninNew Books15m
Stacey AlabasterNew Books39m
Isabella Alan6m
Craig AlansonNew Books10f,s
Melissa AlbertNew Books1f
Susan Wittig AlbertNew Books52m
Becky AlbertalliNew Books4r
Mitch AlbomNew Books18
Kate Alcott4r
Louisa May Alcott71
Alanea AlderNew Books18h,r
Naomi Alderman7s
Brian Aldiss150f,s
Rochelle AlersNew Books101r
Bruce Alexander11m
Cassie Alexander6
Ellie AlexanderNew Books13m
Hannah AlexanderNew Books35m,r
Kwame AlexanderNew Books18
Lloyd Alexander48f
Rebecca Alexander4m
Tamera AlexanderNew Books20r
Tasha AlexanderNew Books18m
V S AlexanderNew Books3
Victoria AlexanderNew Books48f,r
Belinda Alexandra7r
Alice Alfonsi87f,h,s
Kim van AlkemadeNew Books2
Barbara AllanNew Books16m
Jay AllanNew Books43s
Ted Allbeury43t
Amanda AllenNew Books1m
Beverly Allen3
Diane AllenNew Books8r
Louise AllenNew Books125m,r
Nancy AllenNew Books7
Nancy Campbell AllenNew Books14f,r
Sarah Addison Allen8f,r
Isabel Allende26f,m
Margery Allingham48m
Merryn Allingham8
Catherine Alliott18r
Luke AllnuttNew Books2
David AlmondNew Books38f
Mark AlpertNew Books9f
Madelyn Alt8m
Steve Alten23h,s,t
John Altman7m,t
Laura Marie AltomNew Books83r
Karin Alvtegen5m
Donna AlwardNew Books94r
Eric Ambler28m
A American12s
Dan AmesNew Books43m,t
Martin Amis30
Beth Amos6
Rachel AmphlettNew Books15m,t
Michael AnderleNew Books153f,s
Natasha AndersNew Books7r
Jessica Andersen57f,h,m,r
Laura AndersenNew Books8
Susan Andersen25m,r,t
Brian D AndersonNew Books16f
Caroline AndersonNew Books165r
Catherine AndersonNew Books49m,r
James Anderson15m
Jodi Lynn Anderson16s
Kent AndersonNew Books4m
Kevin J AndersonNew Books190f,h,s
Laura Ellen AndersonNew Books6
Laurie Halse Anderson38
Lin AndersonNew Books23m
M T AndersonNew Books28f,t
Natalie AndersonNew Books99r
Poul AndersonNew Books190f,s
R J Anderson9f
Sarah M AndersonNew Books86r
Taylor AndersonNew Books22f,s
Toni AndersonNew Books21m,r
Bella AndreNew Books35r
Tammy AndresenNew Books35r
Saxon AndrewNew Books68s
Amy AndrewsNew Books136r
Brian AndrewsNew Books4t
Donna AndrewsNew Books41m
Ilona AndrewsNew Books36f,r
Lucilla Andrews35
Lyn AndrewsNew Books40r
Mary Kay AndrewsNew Books18m,r
Mesu AndrewsNew Books7r
Russell Andrews5
V C AndrewsNew Books95f,h,m,r
Virginia Andrews10h,m,r
Josephine AngeliniNew Books8f,r
Kate AngellNew Books24r
Maya AngelouNew Books57
Tom AnglebergerNew Books27m,s
Melody AnneNew Books36m,r
Barbra Annino18m,r,t
Evelyn Anthony38
Piers Anthony197s
Ashley AntoinetteNew Books16r,t
Katherine ApplegateNew Books230f,r
Alex Archer59f,t
C J ArcherNew Books46f
Connie Archer6m
David ArcherNew Books47m,t
Geoffrey Archer11
Gretchen ArcherNew Books9m
Jeffrey ArcherNew Books73t
K C ArcherNew Books1h
Martin ArcherNew Books27
Rosie ArcherNew Books9
Winnie ArcherNew Books3m
Zoë Archer21f,h,r
Katherine ArdenNew Books4f
Zoe ArdenNew Books13m
Daniel ArensonNew Books72f,s
Michael David AresNew Books1s
Tessa ArlenNew Books4m
M J ArlidgeNew Books10m
Lucy Arlington5m
Jennifer L ArmentroutNew Books41f,h,m,r
Jennifer Armintrout9
Campbell Armstrong40t
K L Armstrong3
Kelley ArmstrongNew Books93f,h,m,r
Lori Armstrong13m
Carolyn ArnoldNew Books35m,t
Judith Arnold116r
Michael ArnoldNew Books12
A C ArthurNew Books81f,m,r
Keri ArthurNew Books42f,h,r
Stephen AryanNew Books6f
Catherine Asaro35s
Maureen AshNew Books12m
Jenny AshcroftNew Books3r
Katharine AsheNew Books24r
Jay Asher4r,s
Michael Asher20t
Neal AsherNew Books32s
Jane AshfordNew Books36r
Amanda AshleyNew Books49f,h,r
Jennifer AshleyNew Books68f,h,m,r
Kristen AshleyNew Books56f,r
Phillipa AshleyNew Books16r
Trisha AshleyNew Books27r
K M AshmanNew Books21t
David Ashton6m
Adele Ashworth10r
Isaac Asimov547f,m,s
Robert AsprinNew Books80f,s
Judy Astley21r
Nancy AthertonNew Books25m
Ace AtkinsNew Books24m
Lucy Atkins8m
Kate AtkinsonNew Books16m
Amelia Atwater-RhodesNew Books24f,h
Sarah Atwell3m
Margaret AtwoodNew Books84f,s
Jean Marie Auel9f
Jane AustenNew Books17
Paul Auster57m
Lynn AustinNew Books29r
Lynnette AustinNew Books9r
Victoria AveyardNew Books9s
AviNew Books88m
James Axler205
Jonathan Aycliffe9
D D Ayres9m,r

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