Faye Adams

(Fay Swodoba)
Daughter of Jackie Merritt

aka Alane Fay

Faye Adams' newest novel, True Love Wishes, a contemporary romance, is now available in paperback and kindle versions on Amazon. This is the second in 'The Wishes' series. The first in the series is White Christmas Wishes. More of this series will follow soon.

Faye's first five novels were published by traditional publishers and were received with great reviews. Predicted to be one of tomorrows superstars, she was well on her way to achieving that goal when 'life happened', as it does, and out of necessity she was sent in a different direction.

Now, to the joy of her many fans, she's back. Finally available in Kindle format are her original five novels:

Mermaid's Dream, is an exciting Time-travel romance.

Rosebud, The Goodnight Loving Trail and Under A Texas Moon make up a wonderful trilogy about three strong women in the Old West.

Lady Of The Gun, another nail-biting, western adventure is also in Amazon Kindle.

Faye continues writing new novels, historical and contemporary, and hopes to reach many more fans with this exciting opportunity in self-publishing.

Genres: Romance
   Mermaid's Dream (1995) (as by Alane Fay)
   Lady of the Gun (1995)
   Dreamland (2014)
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