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 Horror authors, surname starts with A BooksGenres
David AchordNew Books7h
Bobby AdairNew Books27h,s
Cat Adams10f,h
Guy AdamsNew Books41h,m,s
John Joseph AdamsNew Books30f,h,s
Michael Adams3h
Nicholas Adams17h
Tessa Adams6h,r
Shelley AdinaNew Books29f,h,r
Travis Adkins6h
Lara AdrianNew Books38f,h,m,r
Ann AguirreNew Books39f,h,r,s
Ania AhlbornNew Books9h
Joan Aiken133f,h,m
Lloyd Alan2h
Alanea AlderNew Books9h,r
Katie Alender6h,r
Alice Alfonsi80f,h,s
Mark All3h
Jennifer Allison7h,m
Steve AltenNew Books23h,s,t
James Ambuehl3h
Ruth Ames3h
Jessica Andersen57f,h,m,r
Kevin J AndersonNew Books186f,h,s
Kurt AndersonNew Books2h
Scott AndrewsNew Books10f,h
V C AndrewsNew Books92f,h,m,r
Virginia Andrews10h,m,r
Vivi Anna17f,h,r
Stephen L AntczakNew Books8h
Jennifer Archer14f,h,m,r
Zoë Archer21f,h,r
Sean-Michael ArgoNew Books17h,s
Amanda Arista4f,h,r,s
Venero Armanno13h
Jennifer L ArmentroutNew Books37f,h,m,r
Kelley ArmstrongNew Books89f,h,m,r
Donald Arneson2h
Jason ArnoppNew Books10h
Keri ArthurNew Books40f,h,r
Amanda AshleyNew Books46f,h,r
Jennifer AshleyNew Books64f,h,r
Pierce Askegren12h,s,t
Peter Atkins10h
A A Attanasio29h
Amelia Atwater-RhodesNew Books23f,h
Megan Atwood11h
Michael August3h
Rachel Aukes8h,s
Michael Avallone97h,m,s,t

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