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Chester Aaron - Jerry Ahern
Sharon Ahern - Stephen Alter
Steven-Elliot Altman - Saxon Andrew
Andy Andrews - Alex Archer
C Archer - Neal Asher
Monk Ashland - Christine Aziz
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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with A BooksGenres
Chester Aaron23f,g,m,o,s,t
Ben AaronovitchNew Books15s,y
Edwin A Abbott14o,s
Kobo Abé15g,s
Linda Aber13f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Joe AbercrombieNew Books14s
Dafydd ab Hugh20f,h,s
Paul Ableman26g,m,s
Aleksandr and Sergei Abramov2s
Kathy Acker30s
Forrest J Ackerman33h,s
Amy Ackley1f,h,m,r,s,t
Danielle Ackley-McPhailNew Books25f,s
James B Adair9s,t
Douglas AdamsNew Books33s
Glenda Adams6m,s
Guy AdamsNew Books35f,h,m,o,s,t,y
Harriet Stratemeyer Adams34m,s
John Joseph AdamsNew Books28f,h,s
S J Adams1f,h,m,o,r,s,t
Terry A Adams4s
W Royce Adams11f,g,s
Linda Addison4s
Mark Adlard4s
David A AdlerNew Books239f,g,m,o,r,s
Alexandra AdornettoNew Books8f,s
Jack Adrian10h,s
Joan Conning Afman8f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Denise A AgnewNew Books16f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Aimee Agresti2f,r,s
Ann AguirreNew Books37h,r,s
Forrest Aguirre11s
Jerry Ahern85s,t
Sharon Ahern24s,t
Allan Ahlberg136f,g,h,m,r,s
Paco Ahlgren1f,m,s,t
S W Ahmed1f,s
Barry Aitchison1g,s
Alan Burt Akers38s
Peter Albano14s,t
Gennifer Albin11f,r,s
Lloyd St Alcorn3f,s
D C Alden2s
Gill Alderman4f,s
Brian AldissNew Books150f,s
Ray Aldridge3s
Buzz Aldrin7s
Carmen Alexander5f,s,y
David Alexander58s,t
Jenny AlexanderNew Books25f,h,o,s
Marcus Alexander4f,h,o,r,s
Nina Alexander17f,h,m,r,s
R C Alexander1f,g,s,y
William Alexander4f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Wilma E Alexander5f,h,m,o,s
Annemarie Allan3f,s
Jay AllanNew Books31f,g,m,o,r,s,t
Stacy Demoran Allbritton1f,h,m,r,s,t
Grant Allen15h,s
Judy Allen48f,g,h,s
Roger MacBride Allen27s
Alison Allen-Gray3f,s,t,y
Aaron Allston47f,s
Ana Alonso2f,m,r,s,t
Cathryn Alpert1f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Stephen AlterNew Books19m,s
Steven-Elliot Altman8f,h,m,s,t
Kathleen Amant8f,m,r,s,t
Mercy Amare17f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Mary Amato16f,s,y
David Ambrose9h,s
A American9s
Mildred Ames14g,h,m,s,y
Kingsley Amis69g,h,s,t
Martin Amis29c,g,m,s,t
Jay Amory6s
Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosoff1s
Steven K AmsterdamNew Books4g,s
Tedd Anasti5f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
C J Anders16f,g,h,m,r,s,y
Charlie Jane Anders6f,g,m,o,s
Lou AndersNew Books13s
Alison Anderson3f,g,o,r,s
Barth Anderson3s
Brian Anderson3f,s
Chester Anderson3s
Gillian AndersonNew Books3s
Jack Anderson18s,t
Karen Anderson11s
Kevin J AndersonNew Books184f,s
Louis Anderson5f,h,m,o,r,s,t
Maree AndersonNew Books20f,g,o,r,s
Mary Newhall Anderson3f,g,m,r,s,t
Peggy King Anderson4f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Poul Anderson186f,m,s
Scoular Anderson49f,g,h,m,o,s
Taylor AndersonNew Books20s
Jo Anderton3g,s
Saxon AndrewNew Books53s
Andy AndrewsNew Books24f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Gordon Andrews1f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Jean F Andrews6f,h,m,o,r,s,t
Jeanne Andrews1f,m,r,s,t
Kate Andrews15f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Keith William Andrews6s,t
Linda AndrewsNew Books40f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Katharine Ann Angel3f,h,o,r,s
Ly De Angeles10f,g,s
Marguerite De Angeli29f,g,o,s,y
Judie Angell20f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Peter Anghelides10s
Brooklyn AnnNew Books11f,g,h,o,r,s,t
Mandy Anson1f,h,o,r,s
Stephen L Antczak5f,h,s
Joëlle AnthonyNew Books3f,s
Patricia Anthony8f,s
Piers AnthonyNew Books194f,s
Kim AntieauNew Books65f,s
Kem Antilles2f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Christopher Anvil13s
Allen AppelNew Books22h,s
Lenore Appelhans4f,g,s
Anne Applegate1f,h,o,r,s
Robert Appleton38f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Scott Appleton7f,s
Victor Appleton (House Name)78m,s,t,y
Victor Appleton II (House Name)33s
Roy Apps49f,g,h,o,s
Devan Aptekar13f,s
Gill Arbuthnott19f,o,s,y
E L Arch6s
Alex Archer59h,s,t
C Archer4f,h,m,o,r,s,t
Chris Archer23h,s
Gretchen Archer5f,h,m,r,s,t
Nathan Archer8s
Carrie ArcosNew Books3f,h,o,r,s
John Arcudi13s
Peter Ardern3f,g,h,m,r,s,t
Robert Arellano4f,g,m,s,t
Shel ArensenNew Books11f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Daniel ArensonNew Books54s
Peter Arenstam7f,m,r,s,t
Z L ArkadieNew Books27f,g,s
Phyllis Arkle20f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Neil Arksey7f,s
Anthony Armstrong32s
Delson Armstrong4f,s
Derek Armstrong7f,m,o,s,t
Jon Armstrong2s
Michael Armstrong3s
Rachel Armstrong5s
Robb Armstrong15f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Samhita Arni3f,h,m,r,s,t
Edwin Lester Arnold8f,s
Michael J Arnquist1f,g,o,s
Steven Arntson3f,g,s
Darren Aronofsky7f,g,m,s
William Arrow3s,t
Artist Arthur8f,r,s
Kia Asamiya7s
Catherine Asaro34f,s
Janine Ashbless2f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Madeline Ashby5g,s
Neal AsherNew Books32s
Monk Ashland1f,m,r,s,t
Allen Ashley11f,s
Mike AshleyNew Books104f,h,m,s
Brodi AshtonNew Books6s
Pauline Ashwell3s
Isaac Asimov549k,s
Janet Asimov25k,s
Pierce Askegren12s
Diana Aspin1f,g,h,o,s
Robert AsprinNew Books77c,f,s
John Jacob Astor1s
AtinukeNew Books18f,h,m,o,r,s,t
Francis Henry Atkins Sr10h,s
William Illsey Atkinson7g,s
A A Attanasio29f,s
Martha Attema6f,g,h,o,r,s,t
Julian Atterton9f,o,s,y
Margaret AtwoodNew Books82f,s
Megan Atwood11f,h,o,s
Gilad Atzmon3g,s
Donna AugustineNew Books14f,g,s
Belle Aurora10f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Andrew Auseon4f,g,s,y
Paul AusterNew Books58g,m,s
A J Austin2s
Keith Austin3f,g,h,m,o,s,t
R G Austin25f,g,h,m,s,y
Jonathan AuxierNew Books4f,h,o,s
Michele Avanti1f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Rebecca M Avery4f,g,h,m,o,r,s,t
Amy Axelrod15f,o,s
James Axler205s,t
Sidney Ayers4f,g,s
Steve Aylett21f,s
Christine Aziz1g,s

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