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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with A BooksGenres
Ben AaronovitchNew Books18f,s
Dan AbnettNew Books70f,s,t
Tom AbrahamsNew Books23h,s,t
Bobby AdairNew Books35h,s
Douglas Adams34s
Guy Adams41f,h,m,s
Robert Adams40s
Shelley AdinaNew Books39f,h,m,r,s
Ann AguirreNew Books44f,h,r,s
Renée Ahdieh11f,s
Cecelia AhernNew Books33f,r,s
Jerry Ahern108r,s,t
Bobby AkartNew Books33s,t
Craig AlansonNew Books12f,s
Naomi AldermanNew Books8s
Brian AldissNew Books151f,s
Alice Alfonsi87f,h,s
Jay AllanNew Books49s
Steve Alten24h,s,t
A American13s
Michael AnderleNew Books238f,s
Charlie Jane AndersNew Books12s
Kevin J AndersonNew Books200f,h,s
Poul Anderson189f,s
Taylor AndersonNew Books23f,s
Saxon AndrewNew Books73s
Tom AnglebergerNew Books30m,s
Jason AnspachNew Books22s
Piers Anthony200s
Daniel ArensonNew Books76f,s
Catherine Asaro35r,s
Neal AsherNew Books34s
Isaac AsimovNew Books549f,m,s
Robert Asprin80f,s
Michael AtamanovNew Books13s
Margaret AtwoodNew Books87f,s
Victoria AveyardNew Books11s

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