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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with A BooksGenres
Ben AaronovitchNew Books15f,s
Dafydd ab Hugh20s
Paul Ableman26s
Dan AbnettNew Books136f,s
Nik Abnett1s
Leila Aboulela6s
Tom AbrahamsNew Books15s
Jus AccardoNew Books13f,s
Forrest J Ackerman33s
Mark Acres8f,s
Alex Adams3s,t
Douglas AdamsNew Books33s
Guy AdamsNew Books38h,m,s
Harriet Stratemeyer Adams34m,s
John Joseph AdamsNew Books30f,h,s
Robert Adams40s
Jack Adrian10s
Katie Agnew7r,s
Ann AguirreNew Books37f,h,r,s
Cecelia AhernNew Books27f,r,s
Jerry Ahern86s,t
Sharon Ahern25s
S W Ahmed1s
Alison Aimes3r,s
Alex Albrinck13s
Naomi Alderman7s
Brian AldissNew Books150f,s
David Alexander58m,s,t
K C AlexanderNew Books5s
Alice Alfonsi81f,h,s
Jay AllanNew Books35s
Nina AllanNew Books14s
Roger MacBride Allen27s
Aaron Allston47f,s
Steve Alten22h,s,t
Steven-Elliot Altman8s
A American10s
Michael AnderleNew Books38s
Charlie Jane AndersNew Books9s
Lou Anders13f,s
Gillian Anderson3s
Kevin J AndersonNew Books185f,h,s
Poul Anderson183f,s
Taylor AndersonNew Books21f,s
Saxon AndrewNew Books58s
Austen Andrews3s
Peter Anghelides10s
Tom AnglebergerNew Books25m,s
David AnnandaleNew Books25f,s
Piers AnthonyNew Books196s
Kem Antilles2f,s
Lou AntonelliNew Books11s
Devan Aptekar13s
Nathan Archer8s
John Arcudi13s
Tom Arden8s
Daniel ArensonNew Books57f,s
Sean-Michael ArgoNew Books15h,s
Amanda Arista4f,h,r,s
Jake ArnottNew Books9m,s
William Arrow3s
Kia Asamiya7s
Catherine AsaroNew Books35s
Jay Asher3r,s
Neal AsherNew Books31s
Mike Ashley104f,m,s
Isaac Asimov549f,m,s
Janet Asimov25s
Pierce Askegren12h,s,t
Robert Asprin77f,s
Margaret AtwoodNew Books82f,s
Anselm AudleyNew Books7m,s
Rachel Aukes8h,s
A J Austin2s
Michael AvalloneNew Books97h,m,s,t
Victoria AveyardNew Books7s
Jeff Ayers5s

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