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Rebecca M Avery

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my world of what ifs and maybe just maybe. The characters and plotlines in my books are a combination of personalities,memories and life experiences that I shoved into a bag, shook up with all mymight, then pulled out the result and combined it with my overactiveimagination. I sincerely hope you get ascaught up in reading these little bits of folly as I did when I wrote them and thatyoull see a little bit of yourself in one or more characters.

I am truly amazed at how I can fall asleep within minutes whilewatching a television show or movie, even in a theatre or with the surroundsound on, but I cant sleep through my own dreams. While I might be able to take or leave afilm, the images a good book provokes in my mind stick with me for years. Those thoughts, ideas and feelings a story canprovide feed my soul and I sincerely hope that these stories do just a littlebit of that for you.

The characters in my head have been there my whole life and they callout to me in the dark of night asking me to tell their stories. Fear kept me from letting them leave my headand make their own way in the world. Nowthat I am releasing them by writing down their adventures I find that I haventlost them at all, Ive just made room for more.     
Leave your world for a little while and enjoy mine. Rebecca M Avery