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book cover of Star Rover-Chosen to Die

Star Rover-Chosen to Die

(The seventh book in the Lens of Time series)
A novel by

From the International Bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew, comes the final book in the Lens of Time-Star Rover Series, Chosen to Die. The war with the Servants ended eighteen years ago and the Union has, on the surface, been at peace. The probes sent to spy on the Union by the Blue Ships have not seen anything that would represent an issue for them. However, they've decided that it is unacceptable for another advanced civilization to know where they live. A new wave of probes in launched to set up the coming invasion to destroy the civilized planets in the Milky Way. There are two things the invaders don't know. The Union knew about their probes the moment they arrived seventeen years earlier and has been preparing for the eventuality of an attack. What neither of them know is that the Invaders also have invisible probes in their own galaxy planning for an invasion by a massive force that has chosen them as its next conquest. Things get out our hand quickly and it becomes difficult to determine who the real enemy is and who is chosen to die.
Excerpt from; Chosen to Die
Gibbs arrived on the Wellington and was led to the bridge. Angel saw the Senior Fleet Admiral enter and she said, "Bridge Crew, Attennnnshun." The crew came to attention and Angel saluted. Gibbs returned her salute and said, "As you were." He stared at Angel and swore he was looking at a younger Gresha. If this child of theirs possessed just a tiny fraction of their abilities... he was not going to lose her due to technicalities. "Captain, I understand you have modified the weapon systems on the Union's most modern Battleship?"

Suddenly, the alarm klaxons began blaring; the ship suddenly accelerated and made a sharp dive. Angel pulled her helmet visor down and jumped into her command chair, "Buckle in Admiral, we have six blue ships that just appeared and disrupted space around Earth."
Gibbs fought the gravity push and managed to get to one of the empty chairs on the bridge. "Get me a combat helmet!!"
The jump officer reached under his console, pulled out a helmet, and tossed it to Gibbs. He caught it, activated it and heard the Executive Officer say, "All stations report in ready, Sir." Gibbs was shocked. It took him ten seconds to manage to crawl to the chair and get a helmet. This ship was combat ready in less than fifteen seconds.
He looked at Angel and heard her say to the Helmsman, "I've got the ship. Captain Stone, you have the weapons."
"All are active and tracking the incoming ships, Sir."
Gibbs activated the visor on the helmet and saw six large blue warships moving in toward Earth from just outside the moon's orbit. He saw nine of the old Jukeboxes accelerate out from the moon to intercept them. The six invading ships began launching attack ships and the Jukeboxes started launching their Rovers. A massive dogfight broke out as the two groups of ships moved closer together.
Gibbs looked at his tactical and saw that Arvolo's children were moving their ships out toward the battle. "Captain, you should stop here and wait for the defense ships to handle the invaders."
Angel shook her head, "Sir, according to my computer, those old Jukeboxes are no match for the beams being fired by those six ships. My parents and all of Earth's Senior Flag Officers are on Earth and we can't allow those ships to get close enough to fire on the planet. They'll be forced to use the planet's force field and we have to avoid revealing that technology to them." Gibbs stared at Angel and saw in his tactical display that three of the six Jukeboxes were burning in space. He looked at Angel and she said, "Sir, please let me do my job!"
Gibbs saw the determination in the young woman's eyes and he nodded, "You are clear to attack, Captain."

Lens of Time-Chosen to Die is a full length novel at 95,000 words. Like us on Facebook at You can contact us directly at


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Kindle Editions

March 2014 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Star Rover-Chosen to Die (Lens of Time Book 7)
Author(s): Saxon Andrew
Publisher: Saxon Andrew Publishing, LLC
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA