Carol Bruneau

Canada (b.1956)

Carol Bruneau is the Canadian author of four novels and three short story collections. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she has taught writing at NSCAD and Dalhousie University.
   Purple for Sky (2000)
     aka A Purple Thread for Sky
   Berth (2005)
   Glass Voices (2007)
   These Good Hands (2015)
   A Circle on the Surface (2018)
   Brighten the Corner Where You Are (2020)
Carol Bruneau recommends
The Honey Farm (2018)
Harriet Alida Lye
"The secret world of bees and the sensuous natural order in all its peril and glory come alive in this mesmerizing, suspenseful novel. Harriet Alida Lye is a writer of prodigious talent and The Honey Farm a thrilling, chills-inducing debut. Brava!"
Speechless (2020)
Anne Simpson
"Fiery, poetic, and at times devastating . . . An excoriating and beautiful read with the urgency of right here, right now."
Good Mothers Don't (2020)
Laura Best
"Running deeper than the memory of home, only the body memory of maternal love survives the far-reaching ravages of mental illness which set a mother adrift from herself and her family in this crushingly beautiful novel. Laura Best shows the power of words to resurrect what gets lost to ideas and expectations of 'how a mother should be' and the stigma that surrounds all of this. This is a riveting, fearless book shot through with compassion. I loved it. I couldn't put it down."

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