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Douglas Borton

USA flag (b.1960)

aka Brian Harper, Michael Prescott

Douglas Child Borton, Jr. grew up in New Jersey and attended Wesleyan University, then moved to Los Angeles and pursued a career as a screenwriter. After working with several independent producers, he eventually switched to writing novels, a much less stressful occupation. He has published eight thrillers, from Comes the Dark (1999) to Mortal Faults (2006), and currently is at work on a new book. Today he divides his time between the Arizona desert and the Jersey shore.
Manstopper (1988)
Dreamhouse (1989)
Deathsong (1989)
Kane (1990)
Shadow Dance (1991)
Shiver (1992) (as by Brian Harper)
Shudder (1994) (as by Brian Harper)
Shatter (1995) (as by Brian Harper)
Deadly Pursuit (1995) (as by Brian Harper)
Blind Pursuit (1997) (as by Brian Harper)
Mortal Pursuit (1997) (as by Brian Harper)
Last Kiss (1999)
Anthologies containing stories by Douglas Borton
Short stories
Voivode (1992)
Fangs (1995)