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Garry Bushell

UK flag (b.1955)

Garry Bushell is Britain's best known telly critic, loved, feared and hated in equal measure because of his hard-hitting views and killer one-liners. Garry is also deeply associated with British youth cults, rock, punk and Ska bands. He has written two gripping crime novels, discovered new talent by the bucket-load, managed bands, championed working class comics and notched up a Number One hit. Clearly, there's a lot of light hidden under the tabloid Bushell... Garry has written for the British tabloid newspaper the Daily Star Sunday since May 2007. He previously joined the People in July 2001, when he also started as resident TV critic on Channel 4's brilliant Big Breakfast (a role he reprised on Nuts TV last year.)Gal has manged to father five children (Julie, Dan, Robert, Jenna and Ciara). He lives with his second wife Tania, aka new country singer Leah McCaffrey in Kent, in a house with a bar, six tellies and a punked-up bust of Churchill. He is hated by the middle class media but says he wears their disdain "as a badge of honour." He'll always be too real for them.

Genres: Mystery
Harry Tyler
1. The Face (2001)
2. Two-faced (2004)
3. Face Down (2013)