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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with B BooksGenres
E D BakerNew Books31f
Kage Baker32f,s
Richard BakerNew Books20f,s
R Scott BakkerNew Books10f
David BaldacciNew Books52f,m,t
Philippa Ballantine18f,h,r,t
Pip Ballantine21f,h
Nina BangsNew Books28f,h,m,r,t
Anna BanksNew Books13f
L A Banks32f,h,m,r,t
Maya BanksNew Books62f,m,r,t
D D Barant6f,h,m
Alex Barclay11f,m
James BarclayNew Books17f,s
Michele BardsleyNew Books48f,h,r
Leigh BardugoNew Books16f
Clive BarkerNew Books46f,h
RJ BarkerNew Books3f
Jennifer Lynn BarnesNew Books18f,m,t
John Barnes35f,s
Steven BarnesNew Books36f,h,s
T A Barron29f
Dave Barry57f
Amy A BartolNew Books13f
Beverly BartonNew Books114f,m,r
L Frank Baum70f
Alan BaxterNew Books17f,t
Stephen BaxterNew Books82f,s
Peter S BeagleNew Books46f
Elizabeth BearNew Books61f,s
Greg Bear60f,s
Bradley BeaulieuNew Books16f,s
Carrie A Bebris12f,m
R S BelcherNew Books6f
Annie BelletNew Books35f,r
James BennettNew Books7f
Jenn BennettNew Books11f,r
Robert Jackson Bennett7f,m,s
Amber BensonNew Books19f,h,m
Carol Berg17f
Lisa T BergrenNew Books60f,r
Joanne Bertin3f
Jake BibleNew Books60f,h,s
Ilsa J BickNew Books21f,h,r,s
John BirminghamNew Books29f,s,t
Anne BishopNew Books24f,r
Holly BlackNew Books48f,h,s
Jenna Black28f,h,r,s
Malorie Blackman76f,s
Terri BlackstockNew Books63f,m,r
Adam BladeNew Books209f
Annette Blair40f,h,m,r
Deborah BlakeNew Books13f,r
Elly BlakeNew Books3f
James P BlaylockNew Books36f,t
Alex BledsoeNew Books21f,h,m
Susan A Bliler20f,r
James Blish72f,s
Enid BlytonNew Books281f,m
Andrea BoeshaarNew Books49f,r
Amanda BouchetNew Books3f,r
Lila BowenNew Books3f
Rhys BowenNew Books48f,m
John Boyne21f,t
Alexandra BrackenNew Books9f,s
Paula BrackstonNew Books9f
Chris BradfordNew Books29f,t
James Bradley7f,s
Marion Zimmer Bradley198f,s
R D BradyNew Books16f,t
Joseph BrasseyNew Books9f,h,r
Liz Braswell3f
Libba BrayNew Books13f,r,t
K F BreeneNew Books30f,r,s
Allison BrennanNew Books50f,m,r,t
Herbie Brennan56f,h,t
Marie BrennanNew Books24f,h
Sarah Rees BrennanNew Books22f,t
Peter V BrettNew Books14f
Heather Brewer15f,h
Patricia BriggsNew Books37f,h,r
Terri BrisbinNew Books64f,r
Kristen Britain6f
Suzanne BrockmannNew Books94f,m,r,t
Jessica BrodyNew Books26f,r
Meljean Brook34f,h,r
Kevin BrooksNew Books28f,m
Terry BrooksNew Books68f,h,s
Eric BrownNew Books72f,h,m,s,t
Steven BrustNew Books38f
Michael Buckley22f
Lois McMaster BujoldNew Books45f,s
Chris Bunch60f,s
Lindsay BurokerNew Books67f,s
Jim ButcherNew Books38f,h,s
Antonia S Byatt33f
Catherine BybeeNew Books27f,r
Rhyannon ByrdNew Books32f,h,r

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