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 Horror authors, surname starts with B BooksGenres
Richard Bachman9h
Dale BaileyNew Books11f,h
Philippa BallantineNew Books19f,h,r,t
Pip BallantineNew Books27f,h
Nina Bangs28f,h,m,r,t
L A Banks32f,h,m,r,t
Michele BardsleyNew Books55f,h,m,r
Clive Barker56f,h
J D BarkerNew Books4h,m
Steven BarnesNew Books38f,h,s
Gerry BartlettNew Books20h,r
Kate BaxterNew Books8h,r
Greg BearNew Books63f,h,s
Greig BeckNew Books21h,s,t
J K Beck8h,r
Alex BellNew Books12h
Amber Benson19f,h,m
Jake BibleNew Books70f,h,s
Holly BlackNew Books48f,h,s
Jenna Black26f,h,r,s
Algernon Blackwood65h
Annette BlairNew Books38f,h,m,r
Kendare BlakeNew Books17h
William Peter Blatty18h
Alex Bledsoe21f,h,m
Robert Bloch78h,m
Tamara Rose BlodgettNew Books52h
Chris Bohjalian21h,m
Jay R BonansingaNew Books32h
Ezekiel BooneNew Books5h
J L Bourne8h,s
Gary Brandner25h
Peter BrandvoldNew Books93h
Marie BrennanNew Books32f,h
Heather Brewer14f,h
Patricia BriggsNew Books38f,h,r
Meljean Brook34f,h,r
Terry BrooksNew Books70f,h,s
Eric BrownNew Books80f,h,m,s,t
Eric S BrownNew Books138f,h,s
Shannon K ButcherNew Books23f,h,m,r,t
Rhyannon ByrdNew Books34f,h,r

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