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 Mystery authors, surname starts with B BooksGenres
Marian Babson46m
J R BacklundNew Books1m
Desmond Bagley26m,t
Stella BagwellNew Books137m,r
RJ BaileyNew Books2m
Sarah BaileyNew Books1m
Donald BainNew Books61m
Deb Baker17m
Shannon BakerNew Books7m
David BaldacciNew Books52f,m,t
Carey BaldwinNew Books9m
Tom BaleNew Books7m
Donna BallNew Books50m,r
Mignon F Ballard22m
Sandra BalzoNew Books17m
Nina BangsNew Books28f,h,m,r,t
L A Banks32f,h,m,r,t
Leanne BanksNew Books157m,r
Maya BanksNew Books61f,m,r,t
Jean-Luc BannalecNew Books3m
Jo Bannister38m
D D Barant6f,h,m
Kathleen BarberNew Books1m
Elaine Barbieri49m,r
Maggie Barbieri10m
Alex Barclay11f,m
Linwood BarclayNew Books28m,t
Constance BarkerNew Books54m
J D BarkerNew Books3m
Robert Barnard51m
Emily BarnesNew Books2m
Jennifer Lynn Barnes17f,m,t
Kerry BarnesNew Books3m
Linda Barnes23m,t
Nevada Barr26m
Richard Barre11m
Lorna BarrettNew Books11m
Christy BarrittNew Books71m,r
Stephanie Barron15m
Brunonia Barry4m
L L BartlettNew Books21m
Lorraine BartlettNew Books29m
Beverly BartonNew Books114f,m,r
Fiona BartonNew Books2m
Jefferson Bass15m
Colin Bateman43m
Quentin BatesNew Books9m
Brett BattlesNew Books47h,m,s,t
Belinda BauerNew Books8m
Cynthia BaxterNew Books19m
Mandy Baxter14m,r
Pamela BeasonNew Books15m
M C BeatonNew Books80m,r
Simon BeaufortNew Books11m,t
Carrie A Bebris12f,m
Haylen BeckNew Books1m
Jessica BeckNew Books52m
Simon Beckett10m
Bruce BeckhamNew Books11m
Cindy BellNew Books66m
David BellNew Books11m
George Bellairs61m
Josie Belle5m
Kimberly Belle3m
C C Benison7m
James R BennNew Books15m
Jenna BennettNew Books33m,r
Robert Jackson BennettNew Books7f,m,s
Patti BenningNew Books42m
Amber BensonNew Books19f,h,m
Clara BensonNew Books16m
Raymond BensonNew Books40m,t
Jennie Bentley7m
Laurien BerensonNew Books35m
Anthony Berkeley25m
Sally Berneathy18m
William Bernhardt53m
Morgana BestNew Books43m
Parker BilalNew Books7m
Mark BillinghamNew Books27m
Maeve Binchy61m
Harry BinghamNew Books17m
Claudia Bishop26m
Samuel Bjørk2m
Benjamin BlackNew Books10m
Cara BlackNew Books18m
Helen BlackNew Books8m,t
Lisa BlackNew Books10m
Saul Black2m
Sean BlackNew Books24m,t
Tony Black27m
Jenny BlackhurstNew Books3m
Stephanie BlackmooreNew Books3m
Terri BlackstockNew Books63f,m,r
Juliet BlackwellNew Books22m
Sara BlædelNew Books11m
Annette Blair40f,h,m,r
Bethany BlakeNew Books3m
Heather Blake10m
James Carlos BlakeNew Books14m
Nicholas Blake20m
Robin Blake4m
Russell BlakeNew Books51h,m,s,t
Peter BlaunerNew Books8m
Alex BledsoeNew Books20f,h,m
Miranda Bliss5m
Robert Bloch79h,m
Lawrence BlockNew Books199m,t
Giles Blunt11m
Enid BlytonNew Books273f,m
Chris BohjalianNew Books21h,m
Janet Bolin5m
Janie Bolitho26m
Christopher BollenNew Books3m
Sharon BoltonNew Books13m
Michael BondNew Books235m
Stephanie BondNew Books99m,r
Hilary BonnerNew Books17m
Claire BoothNew Books2m
Stephen BoothNew Books20m
Todd BorgNew Books15m,t
Tom BoumanNew Books2m
Melissa Bourbon6m
Gail BowenNew Books26m
Peter Bowen21m
Rhys BowenNew Books48f,m
C J BoxNew Books33m
Damien BoydNew Books7m
Susan M BoyerNew Books6m
Leigh Brackett37m,s
Laura BradfordNew Books20m,r
Alan BradleyNew Books14m
Cheryl BradshawNew Books31m
Jacklyn Brady6m
Kate Brady4m,r,t
Christianna Brand34m
Michael BrandmanNew Books4m
Ali Brandon6m
Gyles BrandrethNew Books48m
Kylie BrantNew Books47m,r,t
Lucinda Brant17m,r
Jean BrashearNew Books64m,r
Pete Brassett11m
Lilian Jackson Braun41m
Allison BrennanNew Books48f,m,r,t
Simon BrettNew Books87m
Kathleen BridgeNew Books4m
R C Bridgestock7m
Emily BrightwellNew Books45m
Annette Broadrick108m,r
Suzanne BrockmannNew Books91f,m,r,t
William Brodrick7m
Frances BrodyNew Books10m
Chris BrookmyreNew Books25m,s
Kathleen BrooksNew Books30m,r
Kevin Brooks28f,m
Carter Brown164m
Deborah BrownNew Books13m
Duffy BrownNew Books9m
Eric BrownNew Books74f,h,m,s,t
Fredric Brown50m,s
Janelle BrownNew Books3m
Rita Mae BrownNew Books64m
Sandra BrownNew Books93m,r
Alison BruceNew Books11m
Ken BruenNew Books45m
Don BrunsNew Books17m
Mollie Cox BryanNew Books17m,r
Robert BryndzaNew Books13m,r
Edna BuchananNew Books22m,r
Tracy BuchananNew Books6m
M L BuchmanNew Books107m,r
Fiona Buckley16m
Julia BuckleyNew Books12m
John Bude31m
Leslie BudewitzNew Books8m
Robin BurcellNew Books14m,t
John Burdett10m
Lucy Burdette7m
Alafair BurkeNew Books18m,t
James Lee BurkeNew Books49m
Jan Burke21m
John BurleyNew Books5m
W J Burley29m
Steve BurrowsNew Books8m
Jaci BurtonNew Books17m,r,t
Mary BurtonNew Books37m,r,t
Miles Burton53m
Nancy BushNew Books31m,r,t
Michel BussiNew Books5m
Shannon K Butcher21h,m,r,t
D S ButlerNew Books16m
Elizabeth Kane BuzzelliNew Books9m
Ellen ByronNew Books3m

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