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 Romance authors, surname starts with B BooksGenres
Rachel Bach3r,s
Ellyn Bache13r
June Masters Bacher40r
Kathleen Bacus12m,r
Meredith Badger25r
Judy Baer84r
Louise Bagshawe19r
Tilly BagshaweNew Books25r
Stella BagwellNew Books133m,r
Elizabeth BaileyNew Books44m,r
Jodie BaileyNew Books16m,r
Lori Ann Bailey1r
Lynn Bailey5r
Rachel BaileyNew Books33r
Scarlett BaileyNew Books7r
Cynthia Bailey-Pratt19r
Karin BaineNew Books20r
Jacqueline Baird76r
Fran Baker19r
Jennifer Baker19f,m,r
Madeline Baker60r
Kaylee Baldwin6r
Rebecca Baldwin15r
Karen A Bale33r
Leigh BaleNew Books25r
Donna BallNew Books49m,r
Sarah BallanceNew Books19f,r
Philippa BallantineNew Books18f,h,r,t
Jane Ballard1r
Kait Ballenger6f,r
Cyn BalogNew Books9f,m,r
Mary BaloghNew Books128r
Stephanie Bancroft3r
Nina Bangs27f,h,m,r,t
Dakota Banks3h,m,r
L A Banks33f,h,m,r,t
Leanne BanksNew Books150m,r
Maya BanksNew Books59f,m,r,t
Lynna BanningNew Books38r
Lauren Baratz-LogstedNew Books45r
Elaine Barbieri49m,r
Suzanne Barclay16r
Michele Bardsley40f,h,r
Ann Barker18r
Becky Barker28r
Margaret Barker68r
Jessica Barkley3r
Linda Barlow21r
Sophie BarnesNew Books12r
Jill BarnettNew Books29r
Lauren Barnholdt63f,h,r
Jessica Barondes2r
Emily BarrNew Books14r
June Barraclough25r
Gail Barrett21m,r,t
Jean Barrett25m,r
Karen Lawton Barrett4m,r
Linda BarrettNew Books20r
Suzanne Barrett12r
Tracy Barrett21f,m,r
Monica Barrie18r
Christy BarrittNew Books68m,r
Sandra Rodriguez Barron2r
C J Barry9f,r
Catherine Barry5r
Linda Lang Bartell11r
Sarah BarthelNew Books1m,r
Barbara BartholomewNew Books44r
Nancy Bartholomew11m,r
Gerry BartlettNew Books18h,r
Anne Barton6r
Beverly BartonNew Books114f,m,r
Janet Lee BartonNew Books51r
Emily Bascom2r
Nora Raleigh Baskin14r
Elizabeth Bass7r
Adrienne BassoNew Books24r
K C BatemanNew Books3r
Sonya BatemanNew Books17f,m,r
Tracey V BatemanNew Books48r
Marni BatesNew Books6m,r
Marsha Bauer3r
Pamela Bauer33r
Erica Bauermeister5r
Jayne Bauling18r
Tamra BaumannNew Books7r
Claire Baxter12r
Kate BaxterNew Books7h,r
Mandy Baxter14m,r
Mary Lynn Baxter70r
Olive Baxter67r
Elizabeth BeaconNew Books29r
Jane Beaton3r
M C BeatonNew Books79m,r
Lorraine BeattyNew Books20r
Betty Beaty23r
Anne Beaumont8r
Nina Beaumont8r
Glenn BeckNew Books28r
J K Beck8h,r
Jamie BeckNew Books8r
Macy Beckett6r
Tina BeckettNew Books62r
Jennifer BeckstrandNew Books17r
Deborah Bedford21r
Jahnna Beecham9r
Norma Beishir10r
Lisette Belisle4r
Anna BellNew Books8r
Kimberly BellNew Books4r
Lenora BellNew Books3r
Michele Ashman Bell28r
Nina Bell4r
Serena BellNew Books16r
Zana Bell5r
Amber BelldeneNew Books9f,r
Annie BelletNew Books33f,r
Kathryn Belmont6r
Jean de Belvoir1h,r
Alexandra Benedict10r
Barbara Benedict16r
Clare Benedict9r
Nikki Benjamin25r
Zelda Benjamin6r
Kim Bennet1r
Anna BennettNew Books3r
Cherie Bennett107f,r,s
Connie Bennett16r
Jenn BennettNew Books10f,r
Jenna BennettNew Books34m,r
Jules BennettNew Books84r
Sara Bennett18r
Sawyer BennettNew Books37r
Veronica Bennett12r
Catherine BennettoNew Books1r
Ron And Janet Benrey13m,r
Julie Benson10r
Laurie BensonNew Books6r
Linda Berdoll7r
Elizabeth BergNew Books26r
J L BergNew Books12m,r
Fran Bergen7r
Eileen Berger15m,r
Lisa T BergrenNew Books59f,r
Ariel Berk13r
Amalie BerlinNew Books33r
Elizabeth Bernard14r
Hannah Bernard9r
Jennifer BernardNew Books21r
Renee Bernard19r
Amanda BerryNew Books12r
Deidre Berry4r
Ellen BerryNew Books2r
Sian Ann BesseyNew Books14r
Jeanne Betancourt76r
Charlotte BettsNew Books9r
Heidi BettsNew Books63h,r
Gloria Bevan33r
Elizabeth BevarlyNew Books116r
Jo BeverleyNew Books81r
Helen Bianchin117r
Prudence Bice2r
Janet Bieber6r
Cheryl Biggs24m,r
Kristin Billerbeck50r
Franny Billingsley4f,r
ReShonda Tate BillingsleyNew Books46r
Pam BinderNew Books10r
Lisa BinghamNew Books32m,r
Beverly Bird35m,r
Jessica Bird19r
Donna Birdsell7r
Elizabeth Birkelund2r
Anne BishopNew Books23f,r
Carly Bishop17m,r
Natalie Bishop20r
Angela BissellNew Books8r
Rosanne BittnerNew Books64r
Hermina Black66r
Jenna BlackNew Books29f,h,r,s
Maggie K BlackNew Books17m,r
Regan BlackNew Books56m,r
Stephanie BlackNew Books11r
Lynn Huggins BlackburnNew Books4m,r
Terri BlackstockNew Books62f,m,r
Elizabeth BlackwellNew Books4m,r
Judith Blackwell1r
Jennifer BlackwoodNew Books6r
Lily BlackwoodNew Books3r
Annette BlairNew Books40f,h,m,r
Catherine Blair13r
Janey Blair4r
Jessica BlairNew Books28r
Kathryn Blair30r
L E Blair45r
Sandy BlairNew Books11r
Shannon Blair4r
Willa BlairNew Books13r
Ally BlakeNew Books61r
Deborah BlakeNew Books19f,r
Jennifer BlakeNew Books95r
Jillian Blake6r
Kasi Blake15m,r
Maya BlakeNew Books67r
Susan Blake14h,r
Toni Blake24r
Tracy BlalockNew Books2r
Audrey Blanshard20r
Sara Blayne24r
Mary Blayney22f,r,s
Susan A BlilerNew Books20f,r
Karina BlissNew Books25r
Lauralee BlissNew Books36r
Francesca Lia Block48r
Stefan Merrill Block2r
Steve Bloom1r
Georgina Bloomberg4r
Janet Adele Bloss21r
Laurel Blount2r
Parker Blue9r,s
Bonnie Blythe16r
Leah Bobet2f,r
Georgia BockovenNew Books26r
Brandi BoddieNew Books9r
Sherrill BodineNew Books11r
Beate BoekerNew Books25r
Andrea BoeshaarNew Books49f,r
Janice Boies7r
Cheryl BolenNew Books47r
Darcie BoleynNew Books4r
Gwyneth Bolton13r
Jane BonanderNew Books18r
Alison Bond4r
Linda Bond2m,r
Meredith BondNew Books24r
Stephanie BondNew Books96m,r
Parris Afton BondsNew Books48r
Darcey Bonnette4r
Coleen E Booth2r
Karen BoothNew Books20r
Molly BoothNew Books1r
Pat Booth21r
Lori Borrill14r
Rebecca L Boschee3r
Karyn Bosnak3r
Marie BostwickNew Books16r
Barbara Boswell54r
Rose Boucheron19r
Amanda BouchetNew Books3f,r
Danielle Bourdon33r
Joanna BourneNew Books10r
Phyllis Bourne12r
Susan Bowden12r
Judith Bowen26r
Kelly BowenNew Books7r
Sarina BowenNew Books15r
Celya BowersNew Books18r
Laura Bowers2r
Jeanne Bowman60r
Valerie BowmanNew Books18r
Kelly BoyceNew Books14r
Heather BoydNew Books35r
Hilary BoydNew Books8r
Ann Boyle13r
Elizabeth BoyleNew Books31r
Carla Bracale6r
Jennifer BradburyNew Books5m,r
Elisa BradenNew Books6r
Barbara Taylor BradfordNew Books53r
Isabella Bradford7r
Laura BradfordNew Books18m,r
Anna BradleyNew Books5r
Asa Maria Bradley2f,r
Celeste BradleyNew Books26r
Muriel Bradley6r
Patricia BradleyNew Books12r
Shelley Bradley9r
Kate Brady4m,r,t
Mary Brady9r
Rachel Bramble4r
Cathy BramleyNew Books27r
Debra Brand1r
Fiona BrandNew Books35m,r
Irene Brand56m,r
Rebecca Brandewyne39f,r
Diana Lesire BrandmeyerNew Books16r
Joanna Brandon9r
Julie Brannagh8r
Kylie Brant45m,r,t
Lucinda BrantNew Books17m,r
Ann BrasharesNew Books18r
Jean Brashear62m,r
Joseph BrasseyNew Books8f,h,r
Jackie Braun69r
Alison Bray10r
Libba Bray12f,r,t
K F BreeneNew Books20f,r,s
Angela BreidenbachNew Books13r
Maggie BrendanNew Books9r
Mary BrendanNew Books37r
Helen Brenna18r
Allison BrennanNew Books46f,h,m,r,t
Rosalind Brett29r
Barbara Bretton69r
Rogenna Brewer11r
Kate Brian33r
Sandra D BrickerNew Books32r
Kate Bridges25r
Patricia BriggsNew Books35f,h,r
Elizabeth Bright7r
Laurey Bright27m,r
Lori Brighton8h,r
Rachel BrimbleNew Books25r
Terri BrisbinNew Books59f,r
Connie Briscoe9r
Joanna Briscoe5r
Laramie BriscoeNew Books11r
Christine Briscomb3r
Katrina Britt44r
Fern BrittonNew Books17r
Katharine Britton3r
Pamela BrittonNew Books46r
Ally Broadfield6r
Annette Broadrick109m,r
Andie BrockNew Books16r
Suzanne BrockmannNew Books89f,m,r,t
Erin Brockovich3m,r,t
Connie Brockway36r
Linda BrodayNew Books19r
Jessica BrodyNew Books25f,r
Sharon Brondos19r
Meljean Brook36f,h,r
Ali Brooke1r
Christina Brooke6r
Kat BrookesNew Books10r
Betty Brooks21r
Caroline Brooks5r
Helen BrooksNew Books120r
Kathleen BrooksNew Books27m,r
Liana BrooksNew Books12r,s
L E Bross4r
Meagan Brothers3r
Alexandra Brown11r
Carolyn BrownNew Books96r
Dawn Brown6m,r,t
Debra Lee Brown11m,r
Jaye Robin Brown3r
Jennifer BrownNew Books11m,r
Jenny Brown3r
Jo Ann BrownNew Books26r
Laurie Brown9m,r
Sandra BrownNew Books71m,r
Stacy Brown10r
Terry K Brown4r
Tracy BrownNew Books15r,t
Val Brown5r
Victoria Brown1r
Virginia BrownNew Books47m,r
Hester Browne8r
Lydia Browne9r
Amanda Browning35r
Dixie Browning109r
Kelsey BrowningNew Books18m,r
Pamela Browning51r
Margaret BrownleyNew Books50r
Brandy Bruce4r
Gemma Bruce5r
Nina BruhnsNew Books50f,m,r,t
Renae Brumbaugh20m,r
Wanda E BrunstetterNew Books115r
Boone BruxNew Books16f,r
Eileen Bryan6r
LaRee Bryant8r
Niobia Bryant28r
Sarah Bryant9r
Robert BryndzaNew Books12m,r
Bella BucannonNew Books8r
Stuart Buchan16r
Carla BuchananNew Books11r
Edna BuchananNew Books22m,r
Patt Bucheister26r
M L BuchmanNew Books94m,r
Carole Buck34r
Gayle BuckNew Books42r
Mary BuckhamNew Books19m,r
Jeanrose Buczynski1r
Molly Noble BullNew Books10r
Lynn Bulock30m,r
Elizabeth C Bunce3f,h,r
Anita Bunkley22r
T Davis BunnNew Books76r,t
Gina Buonaguro4r
Mary Burchell119r
Pamela Burford22m,r
Constance M Burge40f,r
Mallory Burgess12r
Darcy BurkeNew Books26r
Diane BurkeNew Books13m,r
Kay Burley2r
Margaret Burman4r
Caroline Burnes42m,r
Nicole Burnham17r
Adrienne Burns3f,r
Jillian Burns16r
Juliet Burns2r
Laura J Burns25f,h,r
Monica BurnsNew Books11h,r
Sheila Burns49r
Grace BurrowesNew Books65r
Annie BurrowsNew Books48r
Emma BurstallNew Books6r
Ann Burton4r
Diane Burton11r,s
Dominique Burton3r
Jaci BurtonNew Books17m,r,t
Mary BurtonNew Books36m,r,t
Shirlee Busbee24r
Christine Bush27r
Nancy BushNew Books29m,r,t
Candace Bushnell10r
Nancy Butcher25m,r
Shannon K Butcher21h,m,r,t
Allison ButlerNew Books5r
Christyne Butler24r
Rachel Butler3m,r
Charlotte ButterfieldNew Books2r
Catherine BybeeNew Books26f,r
Cordia Byers15r
Linda BylerNew Books28r
Victoria BylinNew Books18r
Adrianne ByrdNew Books51r
Rhyannon Byrd30f,h,r
Sandra ByrdNew Books58r
Julia Byrne18r
Kerrigan ByrneNew Books19r
Wendy ByrneNew Books15r
Raquel ByrnesNew Books7m,r,t
Eve Byron6r

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