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 Romance authors, surname starts with B BooksGenres
Judy Baer90r
Louise Bagshawe19r
Tilly Bagshawe28r
Stella BagwellNew Books148m,r
Elizabeth BaileyNew Books51m,r
Jacqueline Baird76r
Madeline Baker55r
Donna BallNew Books110m,r
Philippa BallantineNew Books19f,h,r,t
Mignon F Ballard22m,r
Mary BaloghNew Books135r
Nina Bangs28f,h,m,r,t
L A Banks32f,h,m,r,t
Leanne BanksNew Books169m,r
Maya BanksNew Books63f,m,r,t
Jo BannisterNew Books40m,r
Michele BardsleyNew Books55f,h,r
John Barnes36f,r,s
Sophie BarnesNew Books24r
Jill BarnettNew Books36r
Christy BarrittNew Books93m,r,t
Gerry BartlettNew Books20h,r
Beverly Barton115f,m,r
Adrienne BassoNew Books26r
Kate BaxterNew Books8h,r
Elizabeth BeaconNew Books38r
M C BeatonNew Books83m,r
Glenn BeckNew Books29r
J K Beck8h,r
Jamie BeckNew Books13r
Jennifer BeckstrandNew Books21r
Lenora BellNew Books6r
Annie BelletNew Books38f,r
Anna BennettNew Books5r
Jenn BennettNew Books15f,r
Jenna BennettNew Books39m,r
Jules BennettNew Books109r
Sara BennettNew Books27r
Sarah BennettNew Books10r
Sawyer BennettNew Books47r
Laurien BerensonNew Books37m,r
Elizabeth BergNew Books32r
Lisa T BergrenNew Books61f,r
Jennifer BernardNew Books33r
Lisa Berne3r
Ellen BerryNew Books3r
Charlotte Betts10r
Jo Beverley80r
Helen BianchinNew Books121r
Jessica Bird19r
Anne BishopNew Books25f,r
Rosanne BittnerNew Books67r
Jenna Black26f,h,r,s
Regan BlackNew Books76m,r
Terri BlackstockNew Books96f,m,r
Juliet BlackwellNew Books25m,r
Jennifer BlackwoodNew Books10r
Lily Blackwood3r
RJ BlainNew Books28f,r
Annette BlairNew Books38f,h,m,r
Jessica Blair28r
Deborah Blake14f,r
Fanny BlakeNew Books9r
Jennifer Blake98r
Maya BlakeNew Books98r
Toni BlakeNew Books29r
Carly BloomNew Books1r
Andrea BoeshaarNew Books53f,r
Cheryl BolenNew Books51r
Stephanie BondNew Books108m,r
Marie BostwickNew Books18r
Amanda BouchetNew Books5f,r,s
Joanna Bourne10r
Kelly BowenNew Books12r
Sarina BowenNew Books34r
Chasity BowlinNew Books29r
Valerie BowmanNew Books21r
Hilary BoydNew Books10r
Elizabeth Boyle31r
Elisa Braden9r
Barbara Taylor BradfordNew Books56m,r
Laura BradfordNew Books25m,r
Anna BradleyNew Books10r
Celeste Bradley29r
Patricia BradleyNew Books16r,t
Shelley Bradley9r
Kate Brady4m,r,t
Cathy BramleyNew Books34r
Rebecca Brandewyne39f,r
Kylie BrantNew Books49m,r,t
Ann Brashares17r
Libba Bray13f,r,t
K F BreeneNew Books28f,r,s
Maggie Brendan9r
Allison BrennanNew Books53f,m,r,t
Barbara Bretton79f,r
Kate Brian33r
Patricia BriggsNew Books38f,h,r
Terri BrisbinNew Books65f,r
Fern BrittonNew Books20r
Suzanne Brockmann97f,m,r,t
Connie Brockway35r
Linda BrodayNew Books22r
Jessica BrodyNew Books32f,r
Tracy BroganNew Books8r
Meljean Brook34f,h,r
Christina Brooke6r
Helen Brooks120r
Kathleen BrooksNew Books34m,r
Alex Brown12r
Carolyn BrownNew Books106r
Jo Ann BrownNew Books40r
Sandra BrownNew Books97m,r
Hester Browne9r
Margaret BrownleyNew Books56r
Wanda E BrunstetterNew Books126r
Niobia BryantNew Books41r
Robert BryndzaNew Books17m,r
Edna BuchananNew Books22m,r
M L BuchmanNew Books147m,r
T Davis BunnNew Books80r,t
Stephanie BurgisNew Books22f,r
Darcy BurkeNew Books37r
Debbie BurnsNew Books4r
Grace BurrowesNew Books82r
Annie BurrowsNew Books58r
Emma Burstall7r
Jaci BurtonNew Books21m,r,t
Mary BurtonNew Books40m,r,t
Shirlee Busbee24r
Nancy BushNew Books55m,r,t
Shannon K ButcherNew Books23f,h,m,r,t
Stephanie ButlandNew Books10r
Catherine BybeeNew Books30f,r
Linda BylerNew Books34r
Rhyannon ByrdNew Books34f,h,r
Sandra ByrdNew Books62r
Kerrigan ByrneNew Books24r

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