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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with B BooksGenres
Rachel Bach3r,s
Paolo BacigalupiNew Books15s
Kage Baker32f,s
Richard BakerNew Books20f,s
J G Ballard49s
Iain M Banks15s
James BarclayNew Books17f,s
John Barnes35f,s
Steven BarnesNew Books36f,h,s
Scott BartlettNew Books17s
Brett BattlesNew Books47h,m,s,t
Stephen BaxterNew Books82f,s
Elizabeth BearNew Books61f,s
Greg Bear60f,s
Bradley BeaulieuNew Books16f,s
Chris BeckettNew Books10s
Ted BellNew Books17s,t
Gregory Benford62s
Christopher L BennettNew Books28s
Robert Jackson Bennett7f,m,s
Alfred Bester21s
Jake BibleNew Books60f,h,s
Ilsa J BickNew Books21f,h,r,s
John BirminghamNew Books29f,s,t
Holly BlackNew Books48f,h,s
Jenna Black28f,h,r,s
Malorie Blackman76f,s
Russell BlakeNew Books52h,m,s,t
James Blish72f,s
J L BourneNew Books8h,s
Ben BovaNew Books154s,t
Oliver BowdenNew Books10s
Alexandra BrackenNew Books9f,s
Leigh Brackett37m,s
Ray Bradbury112s
James Bradley7f,s
Marion Zimmer Bradley198f,s
K F BreeneNew Books30f,r,s
David Brin54s
Chris BrookmyreNew Books25m,s
Mike BrooksNew Books3s
Terry BrooksNew Books68f,h,s
Eric BrownNew Books72f,h,m,s,t
Eric S BrownNew Books119h,s
Fredric Brown50m,s
Pierce BrownNew Books4s
Ryk BrownNew Books26s
John Brunner94s
Lois McMaster BujoldNew Books45f,s
Chris Bunch60f,s
Lindsay BurokerNew Books67f,s
Edgar Rice Burroughs87s,t
Jim ButcherNew Books38f,h,s
Octavia E Butler18s

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