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 Thriller authors, surname starts with B BooksGenres
P D Baccalario8t
Steve Backshall4t
Desmond Bagley26m,t
Ben M Baglio43t
Chuck Bainbridge8t
T N Baker5t
David BaldacciNew Books52f,m,t
Philippa Ballantine18f,h,r,t
S M Ballard9t
Nina BangsNew Books28f,h,m,r,t
L A Banks32f,h,m,r,t
Maya BanksNew Books61f,m,r,t
David BarbareeNew Books1t
Tom Barber10t
Linwood BarclayNew Books28m,t
David BarkerNew Books1t
Wade Barker16t
Frank Barnard4t
Jennifer Lynn Barnes17f,m,t
Linda Barnes23m,t
Chuck Barrett8t
Gail Barrett21m,r,t
James BarringtonNew Books12t
Max Barry5s,t
Mike Barry14t
Zoe Barton1f,t
George Bartram9t
James Barwick4t
Brett BattlesNew Books47m,s,t
Alan BaxterNew Books17f,t
Larry Baxter1t
Louis Bayard9t
Lynn Beach19f,t
Simon Beaufort10m,t
Greig Beck17h,t
James BeckerNew Books10t
Jim Becket1t
Ted Bell14s,t
Jacquelyn Benson1t
Raymond BensonNew Books40m,t
Kenneth Benton13m,t
Alex BerensonNew Books15t
Michael Beres7t
Scott BergstromNew Books2t
D V Berkom12t
Steve BerryNew Books25t
Stephen Besecker1m,t
Matthew J Betley2t
Kirsten BeyerNew Books13h,s,t
Laurent BinetNew Books2t
John BirminghamNew Books28f,s,t
Patrick BishopNew Books17t
Campbell Black11t
Helen BlackNew Books8m,t
Peter Jay Black5t
Sean BlackNew Books23m,t
Grant Blackwood12t
Scott BladeNew Books9t
Adam Blake2t
Russell BlakeNew Books51m,s,t
James P BlaylockNew Books36f,t
JP BlochNew Books5t
Lawrence BlockNew Books199m,t
Treasure E Blue6t
Douglas BoardNew Books2t
S A Bodeen10t
Rob BoffardNew Books6s,t
Johnny D BoggsNew Books58t
Alan Bomack6t
Larry Bond26t
Andy Boot32s,t
Todd BorgNew Books15m,t
James O BornNew Books11t
Pseudonymous Bosch11t
Bryan Boswell1t
Sam BourneNew Books9t
Ben BovaNew Books154s,t
Robert Sidney Bowen7t
Noah Boyd2t
William BoydNew Books28t
Steven R BoyettNew Books7f,h,s,t
Randall Boyll14t
John Boyne21f,t
Robert Brace2t
Lisa Brackmann5m,t
Chris BradfordNew Books29f,t
Kate Brady4m,r,t
R D BradyNew Books16f,t
Chase Brandon1t
Cat Branigan6t
J T BrannanNew Books17m,t
Kylie BrantNew Books46m,r,t
Melinda Braun3t
Gary Braver5t
Libba BrayNew Books13f,r,t
Allison BrennanNew Books48f,m,r,t
Herbie Brennan56f,h,t
Sarah Rees BrennanNew Books22f,t
Andy BriggsNew Books21f,t
Richard Brightfield45h,t
Andrew Britton8t
Suzanne BrockmannNew Books91f,m,r,t
Erin Brockovich3m,r,t
Charles Brokaw4t
Adam BrookesNew Books3t
Max BrooksNew Books17h,t
Sigmund BrouwerNew Books163t
Dale BrownNew Books49t
Dan Brown10t
Dawn Brown6m,r,t
Don BrownNew Books17t
Eric BrownNew Books74f,h,m,s,t
Graham BrownNew Books14t
Kate Lord Brown6t
Nick Brown9t
Tracy BrownNew Books15r,t
Nina Bruhns48f,m,r,t
John Buchan63t
Jack Buchanan16t
Tobias S BuckellNew Books39s,t
Bruce BuffNew Books2t
Joe Buff6t
D W Buffa15t
T Davis BunnNew Books77r,t
Robin BurcellNew Books14m,t
Alafair BurkeNew Books18m,t
Edgar Rice Burroughs86s,t
Jenna Burtenshaw3f,h,t
Jaci BurtonNew Books17m,r,t
Mary BurtonNew Books37m,r,t
Robert Buschel1t
Nancy BushNew Books30m,r,t
Kristin ButcherNew Books21t
Shannon K Butcher21h,m,r,t
William E Butterworth IVNew Books19t
Michael Byrnes4s,t
Raquel ByrnesNew Books8m,r,t

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