Karen Bovenmyer

Anthologies edited
Maidens & Magic (2017) (with G H Guldensupp, E C Jarvis, Sylvia Kelso, Allison Reker and Jonathan Shipley)
Karen Bovenmyer recommends
Hag (2018)
Kathleen Kaufman
"Kaufman’s Hag shifts the paradigm of masculine historical into feminist horror. The Cailleach, a powerful and ancient sea hag, sends her descendants into the world of man, where they endure war and heartbreak, insult and malice. This magical matriarchy, distinguished by the eldritch mark they bear, teach and heal and protect others as women have quietly done for untold ages. Discover centuries of Scottish history, revisit decades of the modern era, and reclaim a feminine form of storytelling passed down from mother to daughter unseen since the chronicles of the Brothers Grimm."

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