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Laura Bowers

USA flag (b.1969)

Laura Bowers lives in Maryland with her husband, two boys, three horses, and one deaf dog. When she's not at a baseball field or basketball court cheering for her kids, Laura spends her time writing, reading, horseback riding, and watching way too much reality TV. Some of her past job titles are waitress, gym membership salesperson, secretary, telemarketer, and during her broke college days, one of those roving characters you see at malls during holiday parades. (The time she had to wear a candy cane costume makes quite an interesting story!)

In 1998, Laura was a full-time mom when she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Fourteen multi-rejected picture books, and two so-so young adult novels later, she was inspired to write her first published novel, Beauty Shop for Rent, after passing a rusted sign that was posted in front of an old, but charming house. And now, she can honestly say that writing and motherhood is a thousand times more rewarding than being a candy cane.

Genres: Young Adult Romance