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Nadine Bismuth

Canada (b.1975)

After studying French and Québec literature at McGill University, NADINE BISMUTH started her career as an author in a beautiful way by publishing at Éditions du Boréal Les gens fidèles ne font pas les nouvelles (1999). Her short fiction book - translated in Greek, Italian and Russian - owed her the prize of the Association des libraires du Québec and the Adrienne Choquette prize for short fiction in 2000. Just recently, she had a second and long awaited title published, still at Éditions du Boréal; the novel, called Scrapbook, was very well received by the critics. She also wrote a fiction short film, Tout le monde aime Woody Allen, as well as articles and news for magazines such as L'Actualité, Madame and l'Inconvénient. This last magazine, an essay and fiction review, published in February of 2004 NADINE BISMUTH's translation of a Mordecai Richler text: Hemingway Set His Own Hours.