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It's an odd relationship that we, the TV-watching, moviegoing, record-buying, book-reading public, have with William Shatner. Having sampled his seriously mixed bag of television projects, having endured his attempts at singing, having forgiven (and even forgotten) his mostly failed film career, having snickered at his seemingly endless collection of toupees and hair weaves, we are, it seems, willing to forgive all. We remain strangely fascinated by the man, and it is that fascination that makes possible a book like Robert E. Schnakenberg's The Encyclopedia Shatnerica.

This is the kind of book that might well elicit derisive laughter when first encountered, but it's a rare and resolute individual indeed who could resist cracking it open. And, having taken a quick peek, most of us will have trouble putting this entertaining and informative "tribute" down.

For who doesn't crave the straight scoop on William Shatner's aversion to fruit salad? (Hint: It dates back to his "salad" days as a young actor.) Who would question the value of information about Shatner's various nude scenes? (Whether this data is best used to track these films down or to avoid them is a matter of personal taste.) Who doesn't need to know which Star Trek movie it was in which Shatner's butt received a prerelease slimming via some expert airbrushing (undertaken at the actor's insistence)?

There's little point in denying it: Most of us crave just this sort of insider information, and hats off to Schnakenberg for providing it. Whether you love William Shatner or love to hate him (and most of us, I'm convinced, have a foot in both camps), this is the book for you.

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