Charlene Challenger

Charlene Challenger recommends
Scion of the Fox (2017)
(Realms of Ancient, book 1)
S M Beiko
"S.M. Beiko’s Scion of the Fox is the thrilling first installment in what will surely be an exceptionally imaginative trilogy. Roan Harken is an instantly relatable heroine, a girl with guts and moxie in spades, and Beiko moves her story from hilarious to heartbreaking with true literary grace. Evocative prose and crisp, crackling dialogue perfectly define this rich fantasy world. I can’t wait for Book Two!"
Weave a Circle Round (2017)
Kari Maaren
"Congratulations, dear reader - you've just rolled a 2o! Weave A Circle Round is a trope-defying, endlessly entertaining romp. Maaren's wry sense of humour and crisp prose make this refreshing tale of destinies gone haywire an absolute must-read."