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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Meg CabotNew Books100f,h,m,r,s
Rachel CaineNew Books63f,h,m,r,t
Coreene Callahan13f,r
Kristen Callihan15f,r
Jen CalonitaNew Books23f,r
Dana Cameron14f,m
Miles CameronNew Books8f
Bryan CampNew Books2f
Jack CampbellNew Books34f,s
Trudi Canavan16f,s
Orson Scott CardNew Books156f,s
Leo CarewNew Books2f
Jacqueline CareyNew Books25f,h,r
Mike Carey9f,h
Amanda Carlson19f,r,s
Cora CarmackNew Books10f
Patrick CarmanNew Books42f,h,t
Isobelle Carmody39f
Martha CarrNew Books53f
Gail CarrigerNew Books27f,r
Rae CarsonNew Books14f,s
Aimée CarterNew Books22f,r
Lin Carter107f
Melissa CarusoNew Books3f
Elle CaseyNew Books46f,r
Kristin Cashore4f,h
Kiera Cass20f
Dakota CassidyNew Books63f,h,m,r
Debbie CassidyNew Books23f,h,r
Kristin CastNew Books30f,r
P C CastNew Books57f,h,r,s
Sebastien De CastellNew Books8f
Jayne Castle41f,m,r,s
Kendra Leigh Castle23f,h,r
B CatlingNew Books11f
Scott CawthonNew Books6f
Soman ChainaniNew Books9f
S A ChakrabortyNew Books2f
Jack L Chalker63f,s
Kylie Chan15f
Karen ChanceNew Books19f,h
Elizabeth Chandler26f,h,r
Janet Chapman28f,h,m,r
Linda ChapmanNew Books139f,r
Joelle CharbonneauNew Books21f,m
Selene CharlesNew Books11f,r
Annabel ChaseNew Books31f,m
Ashlyn ChaseNew Books17f,r
Deanna ChaseNew Books41f,r
C J CherryhNew Books107f,s
Maureen ChildNew Books314f,h,r
Lisa ChildsNew Books129f,m,r,t
Cinda Williams ChimaNew Books15f,h
Roshani ChokshiNew Books7f
Rin ChupecoNew Books5f
Kristen CiccarelliNew Books3f
J A CiprianoNew Books59f,r,s
Stacy ClaflinNew Books58f,h,r
Cathy ClampNew Books17f,r
Cassandra ClareNew Books63f
James Clemens7f
Sophie CleverlyNew Books6f
Jessica CluessNew Books3f
Genevieve CogmanNew Books5f
Kresley ColeNew Books44f,r
Myke ColeNew Books9f
Steve ColeNew Books107f,h,t
Chris ColferNew Books17f
Eoin ColferNew Books60f,m,s,t
Nancy A Collins63f,h,r,s
Suzanne Collins15f,m,s,t
Chris Columbus3f
Ally CondieNew Books13f,r
John ConnollyNew Books40f,h,m,s
John ConroeNew Books16f
Dawn Cook6f
Glen CookNew Books73f,s
Deborah CookeNew Books36f,h,r
Isabel Cooper10f,r
Zoraida CórdovaNew Books6f
Paul CornellNew Books35f,h,s
Larry CorreiaNew Books32f,s
Bruce Coville149f,h,s
Cressida CowellNew Books40f
Greg CoxNew Books62f,h,m,s,t
Robert J CraneNew Books67f
C N CrawfordNew Books21f
Dean CrawfordNew Books32f,s,t
Andrea Cremer14f,r
Alison CroggonNew Books15f
Kady Cross10f,r
Jennifer Crusie36f,m,r
Evan CurrieNew Books23f,s

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