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 Horror authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Meg CabotNew Books102f,h,m,r,s
Pat CadiganNew Books30h,s
Rachel CaineNew Books64f,h,m,r,t
Stella Cameron90h,m,r
Ramsey CampbellNew Books100h
Jacqueline Carey25f,h,r
M R CareyNew Books4h,m
Mike Carey9f,h
C Robert CargillNew Books6h,s
Patrick CarmanNew Books42f,h,t
Michael CarrollNew Books36h,s
Chris Carter4h
Kristin Cashore4f,h
Dakota CassidyNew Books67f,h,m,r
P C CastNew Books59f,h,r,s
Kendra Leigh CastleNew Books24f,h,r
Karen ChanceNew Books22f,h
Elizabeth Chandler26f,h,r
Janet Chapman28f,h,m,r
Rick CheslerNew Books37h,t
Maureen ChildNew Books323f,h,r
Cinda Williams ChimaNew Books15f,h
Edie ClaireNew Books31h,m,r
Douglas Clegg36h
Peter Clines11h,s
Darcy Coates16h
Steve ColeNew Books109f,h,t
Max Allan CollinsNew Books190h,m,t
Nancy A Collins64f,h,r,s
John ConnollyNew Books41f,h,m,s
Deborah CookeNew Books40f,h,r
Caroline B Cooney96h,m,r
Susan Cooper25h
Paul Cornell35f,h,s
Matthew Costello42f,h,s
Catherine CoulterNew Books127h,m,r,t
Bruce Coville149f,h,s
Greg CoxNew Books64f,h,m,s,t
Bill CriderNew Books81h,m,t
Justin CroninNew Books7h
Amy CrossNew Books153h
Blake CrouchNew Books30h,m,s,t
Nick Cutter4h

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