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 Horror authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Meg CabotNew Books98f,h,r
Pat Cadigan26h,s
Carmen CaineNew Books17h,r
Rachel CaineNew Books56f,h,m,r,t
J B Calchman3h,r
Lucy CameronNew Books1h
Stella CameronNew Books90h,r
Ramsey CampbellNew Books97h
Greg Capullo13h
Matt CardinNew Books4h
Jacqueline CareyNew Books23f,h,r
M R CareyNew Books3h,m
Patrick CarmanNew Books41f,h,t
Elias Carr6h
Terry Carr81h,s
J H Carroll1h
Michael Carroll25h,s
Chris Carter5h
Jay CaselbergNew Books13h
Kristin Cashore3f,h
Dakota CassidyNew Books51f,h,m,r
P C CastNew Books53f,h,r,s
Kendra Leigh Castle24f,h,r
Adam-Troy Castro32h,s
Philip Caveney31f,h
Adam Cesare14h
Jack ChabertNew Books7h
Adrian Chamberlin6h
Andy Chambers50f,h,s
Robert W Chambers105h
Karen ChanceNew Books17f,h
Elizabeth Chandler26f,h,r
Janet ChapmanNew Books28f,h,r
Martin ChattertonNew Books46h
Rick CheslerNew Books28h,t
Shawn Chesser14h
Maureen ChildNew Books266f,h,r
Cinda Williams ChimaNew Books13f,h
Richard T ChizmarNew Books35h
Scott Ciencin80f,h,r,s,t
Kristina CircelliNew Books20h
Edie ClaireNew Books27h,m,r
Aubrey Clark6h,r
Leigh Clark5h
Simon ClarkNew Books52h,s
Michael ClaryNew Books7f,h
Rosemary Clement-Moore10h,r
C Terry Cline10h
Peter ClinesNew Books11h
Ray Cluley3h
Steve ColeNew Books106f,h,t
Joseph A Coley10h
Max Allan CollinsNew Books180h,m,t
Nancy A Collins64f,h,r,s
Matthew CondonNew Books18h
Claudy ConnNew Books54h,r
Harry Connolly11f,h,m,r
John ConnollyNew Books40f,h,m
Ellen Connor3h,r
James N Cook9h
Monte Cook35f,h
Cynthia CookeNew Books23f,h,m,r
Deborah CookeNew Books26f,h,r
Caroline B CooneyNew Books96h,r
Karina Cooper15h,r
Louise Cooper68f,h,r,s
Susan Cooper24h
Bruce R Cordell36f,h
Diana CosbyNew Books13h,r
Matthew J CostelloNew Books39f,h,s
F G CottamNew Books15h
Catherine CoulterNew Books101h,m,r,t
Vincent Courtney18h
Arthur Byron Cover22h,s
Bruce CovilleNew Books147f,h,s
Greg CoxNew Books62f,h,m,s,t
Richard Cox4h,s
Brian CraddockNew Books4h
Kelly Creagh4f,h,r
Nadine Crenshaw13f,h
Gary Crew58f,h
Bill CriderNew Books81h,m,t
Paul CrilleyNew Books15f,h,m
Justin Cronin6h
Blake CrouchNew Books33h,m,s,t
Jordan Crouch3h
Nate CrowleyNew Books3h
Peter Crowther39h,m
Tim Curran52h
Richie Tankersley Cusick32h
Nick CutterNew Books4h

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