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 Romance authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Amanda CabotNew Books19r
Meg CabotNew Books97f,h,r
Lisa Cach31f,m,r,t
Sharon Cadwallader19r
Carmen CaineNew Books18h,r
Rachel CaineNew Books54f,h,m,r,t
Linda Cajio31r
J B Calchman3h,r
Christi CaldwellNew Books39r
Deb CalettiNew Books15r
Bonnie S CalhounNew Books8r
Kaye Calkins2r
Margaret Callaghan10r
Gayle CallenNew Books25r
Kristen Callihan13f,r
Jen CalonitaNew Books18r
Elizabeth CamdenNew Books11r
Barbara CameronNew Books26r
Caryn Cameron8r
Charla Cameron3r
Christine Cameron2r
Gay Cameron2m,r
Stella Cameron89r
Sue Cameron2r
Candace CampNew Books51r
Deborah CampNew Books50r
Anna CampbellNew Books28r
Bethany Campbell53r
Diana Campbell11r
Glynnis CampbellNew Books26r
Joanna Campbell98r
Judy Campbell21r
Lee Canaday1r
Lauren CananNew Books12r
Emma CaneNew Books11r
Sandra Canfield15r
Kate Cann28r
Chris CannonNew Books5r
Julie L Cannon4r
Janice CantoreNew Books11m,r
Kat CantrellNew Books66r
Raine Cantrell22r
Carla Capshaw6r
Ann Carberry9r
Ruth CardelloNew Books26r
Jean Carew20r
Anna Carey8f,r
Elisabeth Carey4r
Jacqueline CareyNew Books22f,h,r
Janet Lee Carey9f,r
Suzanne Carey32r
Jamie Carie12r
Sally Carleen10r
Kate CarlisleNew Books30m,r
Susan CarlisleNew Books34r
Amanda CarlsonNew Books12r
Melody CarlsonNew Books277f,m,r,t
Nola Carlson4r
H C Carlton3f,r,t
Susan Leigh CarltonNew Books74r
Liz Carlyle27r
C J CarmichaelNew Books57m,r,t
Emily Carmichael23r
Kathy CarmichaelNew Books24r
Jo Carnegie6r
Julie CarobiniNew Books11r
Robin Caroll23m,r,t
Amanda Carpenter16r
Teresa CarpenterNew Books42r
Eileen Carr3m,r,t
Isobel Carr3r
Josephine Carr4r
Marion Carr6r
Robyn CarrNew Books72r
Susanna Carr47r
Gail CarrigerNew Books24f,r
Tori Carrington82m,r,t
Ber Carroll7r
Claudia CarrollNew Books22r
Debra Carroll7r
Jacqueline Carroll15m,r,t
Marisa Carroll48r
Susan Carroll32r
Anne Carsley7r
Aimee Carson21r
Angela Carson5r
Caro CarsonNew Books27r
Aimée CarterNew Books19f,r
Ashley Carter18r
Charlotte Carter19r
Janice Carter15r
Lisa CarterNew Books18r
Nikki Carter11r
Renee Carter2r
Rosemary Carter37r
T P Carter2r
Barbara Cartland602m,r
Jenny Cartwright7r
Kate Cartwright9r
Lorene Cary5r
Ruth A CasieNew Books12f,r
K N Casper19r
Ken Casper21m,r
Carla CassidyNew Books224m,r,t
Cathy Cassidy35r
Dakota CassidyNew Books48f,h,r
Kay Cassidy3r
Laura Cassidy6r
Kristin CastNew Books27f,r
P C CastNew Books53f,h,r,s
Dianne Castell19r
Linda CastilloNew Books41m,r
Jayne CastleNew Books41f,r
Kendra Leigh CastleNew Books24f,h,r
Kimberly CatesNew Books32r
Melanie Catley6r
Anne Cavaliere3r
Michelle CelmerNew Books112r
Marc Cerasini54r,s,t
Isobel Chace51r
Elizabeth Chadwick8r
Elizabeth ChadwickNew Books25r
Linda Chaikin42r
Diane Chamberlain28m,r
Holly ChamberlinNew Books22r
Ginger Chambers34r
Rebecca ChanceNew Books10r
Sara Chance14r
Victoria Chancellor21r
Elizabeth Chandler26f,h,r
Lauryn Chandler6r
Fay Chandos56r
Janet ChapmanNew Books28h,r
Lara Chapman3r
Linda ChapmanNew Books107f,r
Vannetta ChapmanNew Books33m,r
Anita Charles8r
Caroline Charles3r
Natalie Charles12m,r
Ann Charlton16r
Danette Chartier3r
Allison Chase5r
Ashlyn ChaseNew Books11f,r
C J Chase2r
Carolyn Chase6r
Deanna ChaseNew Books30f,r
Emily Chase35r
Emma ChaseNew Books7r
Lil Chase5r
Loretta Chase34r
Naomi Chase3r
Samantha ChaseNew Books46r
Sandra Chastain53r
Elizabeth Chater36r
Mavis Cheek15r
Sally Cheney5r
Emily Chenoweth1r
Marion Chesney98m,r
Jennifer ChiaveriniNew Books36r
Maureen ChildNew Books265f,h,r
Lisa ChildsNew Books97m,r,t
Tera Lynn Childs22f,r
Gloria Chisholm4r
Lilian Chisholm50r
Margaret Chittenden23m,r
Jane M ChoateNew Books7m,r
Jane McBride Choate28r
Stephanie Chong2f,r
Judy Christenberry115m,r
Kate Christensen8r
Rachelle J ChristensenNew Books15r
Zita Christian3r
Amanda Christie18r
Jen Christie3m,r,t
Judy Pace ChristieNew Books17r
Amy Christopher3r
Ann ChristopherNew Books28m,r
Scott Ciencin80f,h,r,s,t
Amanda CinelliNew Books9r
Maryhelen Clague11r
Daphne Clair54r
Edie ClaireNew Books26h,m,r
Madeline St. Claire2m,r
Cathy ClampNew Books16f,r
Cathryn Clare14r
Jessica ClareNew Books12r
Linda S Clare2r
Pamela ClareNew Books11m,r,t
Tiffany Clare13r
Máire ClaremontNew Books8r
Amanda Clark7r
Aubrey Clark6h,r
Barbara Clark10f,r
Catherine Clark27r,s
Deneane Clark5r
Dorothy ClarkNew Books22r
Georgia ClarkNew Books3r
Kathy ClarkNew Books49r
Lucy ClarkNew Books91r
Mindy Starns ClarkNew Books29r
Sandra Clark8r
Wahida Clark15r,t
Marilyn Clay6r
Casey Claybourne11r
Annie ClaydonNew Books33r
Alice ClaytonNew Books4r
Donna Clayton32m,r
Meg Waite Clayton5r
Pearl Cleage18r
Anna Cleary24r
Gwen Cleary10r
Ruth Clemence18r
Rosemary Clement-Moore10h,r
Anita Clenney14f,r
Kay Clifford9r
Leah CliffordNew Books4f,r
Amy ClipstonNew Books38r
Debra CloptonNew Books54r
Jennifer CloseNew Books4r
May Coates2r
Colleen CobleNew Books102m,r
C C Coburn11r
Kia Cochrane2r
Pat Cody4r
Elaine Coffman32f,r
Julie CohenNew Books21r
Nancy J CohenNew Books24m,r
Tamar Cohen5r
Tish Cohen10r
Rachel CohnNew Books15r
Susane ColasantiNew Books11r
Brenda Cole9r
Kresley ColeNew Books31f,r
Marjorie Kowalski Cole4r
Megan Cole2r
Scarlett ColeNew Books6r
Lynn A ColemanNew Books42r
Rowan ColemanNew Books27r
Beatrice ColinNew Books7r
Jan Colley25r
Susan Collier1f,r
Colleen Collins37r
Dani CollinsNew Books64r
Jackie Collins50m,r,t
Jenny Collins1r
Judy Collins7m,r,t
Lynne Collins48r
Manda CollinsNew Books18r
Margo Bond CollinsNew Books25f,r
Nancy A Collins64f,h,r,s
Toni Collins9r
Lynn Collum29r
Cara ColterNew Books109m,r
Kimberley Comeaux16r
Michelle ConderNew Books31r
Ally Condie12f,r
Barbara Conklin8r
Marita Conlon-McKenna25r
Claudy ConnNew Books53h,r
Phoebe Conn56r
Mary ConnealyNew Books56m,r
Susan Connell18r
Stacy Connelly15r
Victoria ConnellyNew Books33r
Harry Connolly11f,h,m,r
Ellen Connor3h,r
Kerry Connor17m,r,t
Helen ConradNew Books68r
Lauren Conrad10r
Linda Conrad63m,r,t
June Considine14r
Kate Constable10f,r
Jane Converse56r
Celine Conway19r
Claire Cook15r
Eileen Cook14r
Jacquelyn Cook10r
Kristina Cook7r
Linda Cook5r
Sally Cook9r
Trish CookNew Books5r
Cynthia Cooke23f,h,m,r
Deborah CookeNew Books27f,h,r
Catherine Cookson122r
Nina Coombs9r
Caroline B CooneyNew Books96h,r
Linda A Cooney85m,r
Inglath Cooper34r
Isabel Cooper7f,r
J B Cooper1r
Jilly CooperNew Books62r
Karina Cooper15h,r
Lisa Cooper25r
Louise Cooper68f,h,r,s
Lynna Cooper16r
M E Cooper37r
Michelle Cooper4r
Shelley Cooper5r
Lori Copeland120r
Robert Corbet3r
Dana Corbit18r
Dorothy Cork46r
Beth CornelisonNew Books54m,r,t
Kay Cornelius21r
Nicola CornickNew Books72r,s
Lecia CornwallNew Books11r
Jane Corrie34r
Diana CosbyNew Books13h,r
Jane CostelloNew Books12r
Lyn CoteNew Books51r
Patricia Coughlin26r
Brenda Coulter7r
Catherine CoulterNew Books100m,r,t
Christina CourtenayNew Books19r
Dale Cowan2r
Debra Cowan37m,r
Stephanie Cowell5r
Carol Cox50m,r
Connie Cox11r
Josephine Cox57m,r
Maggie CoxNew Books99r
Suzanne Cox6r
Elizabeth Craft14r
Christie Craig17r
Emma Craig10f,r
Georgia Craig12r
Jasmine Craig13r
Dale Cramer8r
Caprice Crane6r
Kathryn Cranmer4r
Sara CravenNew Books156r
Alice O Crawford1r
Dianna Crawford23r
Elaine Crawford7r
Gwyn CreadyNew Books10r
Kelly Creagh4f,h,r
Catherine Creel22r
Kathleen CreightonNew Books67m,r
Andrea CremerNew Books14f,r
Jasmine Cresswell71m,r
Megan CreweNew Books9f,r
Sarah Crewe4r
Caitlin CrewsNew Books87r
Marty Crisp18r
Dani Criss4r
Ann Cristy7r
Millie Criswell29r
Nina CroftNew Books42f,r
Pam Crooks20r
Susan CrosbyNew Books76r
Tanya Anne CrosbyNew Books43r
Caroline Cross25r
Melinda Cross12r
Tracey Cross2r
Janie CrouchNew Books33m,r
Evelyn Crowe15r
Cath Crowley6r
Jennifer CrusieNew Books36f,r
Kim Culbertson5r
Lynn Cullen19r
Monette Cummings17r
Mary Cummins35r
Margaret P Cunningham4r
Marilyn Cunningham15r
Holly Cupala2r
Marjorie Curtis43r
Melinda CurtisNew Books46r
Sharon and Tom Curtis6r
Kathryn Cushman9r
Melissa CutlerNew Books21m,r
Leah Cypess6f,r

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