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 Romance authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Amanda CabotNew Books20r
Meg CabotNew Books101f,h,m,r,s
Elizabeth Cadell59r
Rachel CaineNew Books63f,h,m,r,t
Christi CaldwellNew Books60r
Coreene Callahan13f,r
Grace Callaway13r
Gayle Callen29r
Kristen CallihanNew Books16f,r
Jen CalonitaNew Books24f,r
Kristy CambronNew Books9r
Elizabeth CamdenNew Books15r
Barbara Cameron26r
Collette CameronNew Books30r
Graeme CameronNew Books3m,r
Stella Cameron90h,m,r
Candace CampNew Books93r
Anna CampbellNew Books36r
Emma Cane12r
Janice CantoreNew Books14m,r
Kat CantrellNew Books92r
Julie CaplinNew Books4r
Ruth CardelloNew Books38r
Jacqueline CareyNew Books25f,h,r
Kate CarlisleNew Books36m,r
Amanda CarlsonNew Books20f,r,s
Melody CarlsonNew Books214m,r
Liz Carlyle27r
C J CarmichaelNew Books64m,r,t
Robin CarollNew Books28m,r,t
Robyn CarrNew Books87r
Gail CarrigerNew Books27f,r
Claudia CarrollNew Books24r
Aimée Carter22f,r
Ally CarterNew Books23m,r,t
Barbara Cartland602m,r
Elle CaseyNew Books46f,r
Carla CassidyNew Books247m,r,t
Cathy CassidyNew Books38r
Dakota CassidyNew Books65f,h,m,r
Kristin CastNew Books32f,r
P C CastNew Books59f,h,r,s
Linda CastilloNew Books44m,r
Jayne Castle41f,m,r,s
Kendra Leigh CastleNew Books24f,h,r
Katherine CenterNew Books7r
Elizabeth ChadwickNew Books28r
Elizabeth Chadwick8r
Camilla Chafer27m,r
Diane ChamberlainNew Books31m,r
Holly ChamberlinNew Books24r
Rebecca ChanceNew Books13m,r
Elizabeth Chandler26f,h,r
Janet Chapman28f,h,m,r
Linda ChapmanNew Books140f,r
Vannetta ChapmanNew Books44m,r
Ashlyn ChaseNew Books17f,r
Deanna ChaseNew Books41f,r
Emma Chase11r
James Hadley Chase101r
Loretta Chase35r
Samantha ChaseNew Books58r
Marion Chesney109m,r
Jennifer ChiaveriniNew Books38r
Maureen ChildNew Books319f,h,r
Jill ChildsNew Books2m,r
Lisa ChildsNew Books133f,m,r,t
Samantha ChristyNew Books15r
J A CiprianoNew Books39f,r,s
Edie Claire30h,m,r
Cathy ClampNew Books17f,r
Jessica ClareNew Books13m,r
Pamela ClareNew Books28m,r,t
Mindy Starns Clark30r
Wahida Clark22r,t
Alice Clayton5r
Adele CleeNew Books22r
Anne CleelandNew Books13m,r
Chanel CleetonNew Books12r
Amy ClipstonNew Books61r
Debra CloptonNew Books76r
Colleen CobleNew Books111m,r
Julie CohenNew Books21r
Nancy J CohenNew Books24m,r
Alyssa ColeNew Books20r
Kresley ColeNew Books44f,r
Scarlett ColeNew Books12m,r
Tillie ColeNew Books23m,r
Rowan ColemanNew Books30r
Jenny ColganNew Books43r,s
Dani CollinsNew Books121r
Jackie Collins49m,r,t
Manda CollinsNew Books21r
Ally CondieNew Books14f,r
Mary ConnealyNew Books68m,r
Clare ConnellyNew Books105r
Victoria ConnellyNew Books38r
Deborah CookeNew Books39f,h,r
Catherine CooksonNew Books133r
Caroline B Cooney96h,m,r
Deborah CoontsNew Books22m,r
Isabel Cooper10f,r
Jilly Cooper62r
Lori CopelandNew Books123r
Nicola CornickNew Books74r,s
Lecia Cornwall15r
Diana Cosby14h,r
Jane Costello11r
Katie Cotugno7r
Catherine CoulterNew Books126h,m,r,t
Josephine CoxNew Books58m,r
Melanie Craft3r
Christie CraigNew Books19m,r
Dale Cramer8r
Sara Craven166r
Andrea Cremer14f,r
Caitlin CrewsNew Books144r
Tanya Anne CrosbyNew Books72r
Kady Cross10f,r
Janie CrouchNew Books55m,r
Jennifer Crusie36f,m,r
Kristy CunningNew Books3f,r

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