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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Pat Cadigan26h,s
Martin Caidin82s,t
Jack CampbellNew Books29s
John W Campbell22s
Orson Scott CardNew Books149f,s
Diane Carey49s
M R CareyNew Books3m,s
John Carnell27s
John F Carr40s
Terry Carr81h,s
David CarricoNew Books4s
Michael Carroll25h,s
Carmen Carter5s
R J Carter3m,s,t
Scott William CarterNew Books41s
Andrew CartmelNew Books16s
Jeffrey A Carver28s
Michael Cassutt12s
P C CastNew Books53f,h,r,s
Cecil Castellucci18s
Adam-Troy CastroNew Books32h,s
Jeanne Cavelos7s
Sarah Cawkwell5s
Chris Cerasi7s
Marc Cerasini54r,s,t
Mark Chadbourn22f,s
Paul Chafe4s
Gavin ChaitNew Books1s
Jack L Chalker63f,s
Andy Chambers50f,h,s
Becky ChambersNew Books2s
A Bertram Chandler63s
Suzy McKee Charnas19s
Robert N Charrette16f,s
C J CherryhNew Books105f,s
Ted ChiangNew Books6s
Robert Chilson8s
Elizabeth Christensen3s
Deborah Christian5f,s
Adam ChristopherNew Books16s
Wesley ChuNew Books7s
Scott Ciencin80f,h,r,s,t
Liu CixinNew Books16s
Mark Clapham9s,t
Chris Claremont58s
Catherine Clark27r,s
D Nolan ClarkNew Books3s
Mary Higgins ClarkNew Books84m,s
Simon ClarkNew Books52h,s
Arthur C Clarke136s
Jo Clayton36f,s
Hal Clement29s
Ernest Cline3s
John Clute19s
Michael Cobley8s
Julie Cochrane5s
Theodore R Cogswell4s
Allan ColeNew Books55s
August Cole1s
Stephen Cole61s
Loren L Coleman39f,s
Eoin ColferNew Books55f,m,s,t
Jenny T Colgan5s
Jenny ColganNew Books35r,s
Michael Collier2s
Nancy A Collins64f,h,r,s
Suzanne Collins15f,m,s,t
Suzan Colón6s
Michael Conner4s
Rose Connors4s
Roxanne Conrad2s
Robert Conroy14s
Glen Cook70f,s
Paul Cook8s
Tom Cool3s
Brenda CooperNew Books17f,s
Christopher Cooper1s
Louise Cooper68f,h,r,s
Sonni Cooper1s
Alfred Coppel39s
James S A CoreyNew Books12s
Paul CornellNew Books34f,s
Nicola CornickNew Books72r,s
Larry CorreiaNew Books27f,s
Lee Correy9s
Neil Corry2s,t
Matthew J Costello38f,h,s
Greg Costikyan6s
Donald Cotton4s
Juanita Coulson18s
Ben CounterNew Books26f,s
Arthur Byron Cover22h,s
Bruce CovilleNew Books147f,h,s
Greg CoxNew Books62f,h,m,s,t
Richard CoxNew Books4h,s
Dan Cragg20s
Kathryn Cramer30f,s
Melissa Crandall3s
Michael CrichtonNew Books30s,t
A C Crispin27f,s,t
John Keir Cross14s
Blake CrouchNew Books33h,m,s,t
Myrna Culbreath6s
J A Cullum3s
Ray Cummings24s
Elaine Cunningham26f,s
Evan CurrieNew Books17s
Simon CurtisNew Books1s
Julie E CzernedaNew Books39s

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