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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Pat Cadigan26h,s
Martin Caidin82s,t
Jack CampbellNew Books31f,s
John W Campbell22s
Rebecca CampbellNew Books8s
Trudi CanavanNew Books16f,s
Orson Scott CardNew Books152f,s
Diane Carey49s
Jeff Carlson26h,s
John Carnell27s
John F CarrNew Books42s
Terry Carr81h,s
David Carrico4s
Michael Carroll25h,s
Carmen Carter5s
R J Carter3m,s,t
Scott William Carter36s
Andrew CartmelNew Books14m,s
Jeffrey A Carver28s
Ryan CaseyNew Books41s
Michael Cassutt12s
P C CastNew Books54f,h,r,s
Cecil CastellucciNew Books19s
Jayne Castle41f,m,r,s
Adam-Troy Castro31h,s
Jeanne Cavelos7s
Sarah Cawkwell5s
Chris Cerasi7s
Marc Cerasini53r,s,t
Mark Chadbourn22f,s
Paul Chafe4s
Gavin ChaitNew Books2s
Jack L Chalker63f,s
Andy Chambers47f,h,s
Becky Chambers2s
A Bertram Chandler63s
Suzy McKee Charnas19s
Robert N Charrette16f,s
C J CherryhNew Books105f,s
Ted Chiang5s
Robert Chilson8s
Elizabeth Christensen3s
Deborah Christian5f,s
Adam ChristopherNew Books16m,s
John Christopher34s
Wesley ChuNew Books8s
Scott Ciencin80f,h,r,s,t
Nino Cipri3s
Cixin LiuNew Books18s
Bethany ClaireNew Books13r,s
Mark ClaphamNew Books11s,t
Chris Claremont58s
Catherine Clark27r,s
D Nolan ClarkNew Books3s
Mary Higgins ClarkNew Books85m,s
P Djeli ClarkNew Books3s
Simon ClarkNew Books52h,s
Arthur C Clarke134s
Cassandra Rose ClarkeNew Books19f,s
Neil ClarkeNew Books11s
Jo Clayton36f,s
Hal Clement28s
Ernest Cline3s
John Clute19s
Michael CobleyNew Books9s
Julie Cochrane5s
Theodore R Cogswell4s
Allan ColeNew Books56s
August Cole1s
Stephen Cole61s
Loren L Coleman39f,s
Bennett R ColesNew Books4s
Eoin ColferNew Books56f,m,s,t
Jenny T ColganNew Books8s
Jenny ColganNew Books33r,s
Michael Collier2s
Nancy A Collins62f,h,r,s
Suzanne Collins15f,m,s,t
Suzan Colón6s
Michael Conner4s
John ConnollyNew Books39f,h,m,s
Rose Connors4s
Roxanne Conrad2s
Robert ConroyNew Books15s
Glen Cook70f,s
Paul Cook8s
Tom Cool3s
Paul E CooleyNew Books13h,s
Stephen CoontsNew Books46s,t
Brenda CooperNew Books17f,s
Christopher Cooper1s
Louise Cooper68f,h,r,s
Mark E Cooper19s
Sonni Cooper1s
Alfred Coppel39s
James S A CoreyNew Books14s
Paul CornellNew Books34f,h,s
Nicola CornickNew Books73r,s
Larry CorreiaNew Books29f,s
Lee Correy9s
Neil Corry2s,t
Matthew J Costello39f,h,s
Greg Costikyan6s
Donald Cotton4s
Juanita CoulsonNew Books20s
Ben CounterNew Books26f,s
Arthur Byron Cover22h,s
Bruce CovilleNew Books148f,h,s
Greg CoxNew Books62f,h,m,s,t
Richard Cox4h,s
Dan Cragg20s
Kathryn Cramer29f,s
Melissa Crandall3s
Dean CrawfordNew Books26s,t
Michael CrichtonNew Books30s,t
Paul CrilleyNew Books15f,h,m,s
A C Crispin27f,s,t
Yahtzee CroshawNew Books3s
John Keir Cross14s
Blake Crouch30h,m,s,t
Myrna Culbreath6s
J A Cullum3s
Ray Cummings23s
Elaine Cunningham26f,s
Evan CurrieNew Books18f,s
Simon CurtisNew Books2s
Julie E CzernedaNew Books40s

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