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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Meg CabotNew Books101f,h,m,r,s
Pat CadiganNew Books30h,s
Jack CampbellNew Books35f,s
Trudi Canavan16f,s
Orson Scott CardNew Books162f,s
Amanda CarlsonNew Books21f,r,s
Michael CarrollNew Books36h,s
Rae Carson14f,s
Scott William Carter37s
Andrew CartmelNew Books14m,s
L A CaseyNew Books16r,s
P C CastNew Books59f,h,r,s
Jayne Castle41f,m,r,s
Jack L Chalker63f,s
Becky Chambers3s
A Bertram Chandler63s
C J CherryhNew Books107f,s
Adam ChristopherNew Books20m,s
John Christopher34s
Wesley ChuNew Books11s
J A CiprianoNew Books39f,r,s
Cixin LiuNew Books12s
Mary Higgins ClarkNew Books88m,s
Simon Clark54h,s
Arthur C Clarke135s
Ernest Cline3s
Peter Clines11h,s
Michael CobleyNew Books9s
Eoin ColferNew Books60f,m,s,t
Jenny T Colgan11s
Jenny ColganNew Books43r,s
Suzanne Collins15f,m,s,t
John ConnollyNew Books41f,h,m,s
John ConroeNew Books17f,s
Robert Conroy15s
Glen CookNew Books73f,s
Stephen CoontsNew Books60s,t
Harmon CooperNew Books37s
M D CooperNew Books84s
James S A CoreyNew Books17s
Paul Cornell35f,h,s
Nicola CornickNew Books75r,s
Larry CorreiaNew Books33f,s
Matthew Costello41f,h,s
Bruce Coville149f,h,s
Greg CoxNew Books64f,h,m,s,t
Dean CrawfordNew Books34f,s,t
Michael Crichton38s,t
Paul Crilley16f,h,m,s
Blake CrouchNew Books30h,m,s,t
Evan Currie23f,s
Julie E CzernedaNew Books40s

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