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 Thriller authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Tom Cain7t
Rachel CaineNew Books64f,h,m,r,t
Tom Callaghan4t
Christian CameronNew Books48t
Iain Cameron9m,t
Marc CameronNew Books12t
Rick CampbellNew Books6t
Rebecca Cantrell24m,t
Patrick CarmanNew Books42f,h,t
C J CarmichaelNew Books64m,r,t
Robin CarollNew Books29m,r,t
Jack CarrNew Books2t
John CarsonNew Books16m,t
Ally CarterNew Books24m,r,t
Chris CarterNew Books11t
Christopher CartwrightNew Books20t
Carla CassidyNew Books250m,r,t
Steve CavanaghNew Books9m,t
Kimberley ChambersNew Books18m,t
Sean Chercover12t
Rick CheslerNew Books36h,t
Lee ChildNew Books62m,t
Lincoln ChildNew Books46m,t
Lisa ChildsNew Books134f,m,r,t
Sam Christer6m,t
Paul Christopher13t
Tom Clancy70t
Pamela Clare29m,r,t
Wahida ClarkNew Books23r,t
Rory ClementsNew Books11m,t
Karen ClevelandNew Books2t
Bill Clinton1t
James H Cobb7t
Ben CoesNew Books10t
Steve ColeNew Books109f,h,t
Eoin ColferNew Books60f,m,s,t
Jackie Collins49m,r,t
Max Allan CollinsNew Books190h,m,t
Suzanne Collins15f,m,s,t
Robin CookNew Books44t
Stephen CoontsNew Books60s,t
C G Cooper39m,t
Glenn CooperNew Books14t
Bernard CornwellNew Books92m,t
Jack Coughlin12t
Catherine CoulterNew Books127h,m,r,t
Bryce Courtenay23t
Greg CoxNew Books64f,h,m,s,t
James CraigNew Books21m,t
Robert CraisNew Books31m,t
Dean CrawfordNew Books34f,s,t
Michael Crichton38s,t
Bill CriderNew Books81h,m,t
Mason CrossNew Books7t
Neil CrossNew Books13m,t
Blake CrouchNew Books30h,m,s,t
Charles Cumming12t
Clive CusslerNew Books89t
Dirk CusslerNew Books8t

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