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 Thriller authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Vince CableNew Books2t
Lisa Cach31f,m,r,t
MacKenzie CadenheadNew Books2t
Martin Caidin82s,t
Alan Caillou36t
Tom Cain7t
Rachel CaineNew Books59f,h,m,r,t
Ian Caldwell2t
Pamela Callow4t
Austin S Camacho16m,t
Christian CameronNew Books39t
Lou Cameron69t
Marc CameronNew Books10t
Karen Campbell8m,t
Rick CampbellNew Books4t
Rebecca CantrellNew Books22m,t
H C Carlton3f,r,t
Patrick CarmanNew Books42f,h,t
C J CarmichaelNew Books59m,r,t
Robin CarollNew Books25m,r,t
Eileen Carr3m,r,t
Tori Carrington82m,r,t
Jacqueline Carroll15m,r,t
Ally CarterNew Books22m,t
Chris CarterNew Books10t
Nick Carter263t
Philip Carter1t
R J Carter3m,s,t
Justin Cartwright20t
Carla CassidyNew Books231m,r,t
Peter Cave30t
50 Cent13t
Marc Cerasini53r,s,t
Sarwat Chadda6m,t
Kimberley Chambers15m,t
John Newton Chance113m,t
Gabrielle CharbonnetNew Books31f,t
Glen Chase29t
Sean ChercoverNew Books12t
Rick CheslerNew Books32h,t
Lee ChildNew Books46m,t
Lincoln ChildNew Books43t
Lisa ChildsNew Books105f,m,r,t
Jacqueline Ching13t
Matt Chisholm85t
Sam Christer6t
Jen Christie3f,m,r,t
William ChristieNew Books7t
Paul Christopher13t
Barry Chubin2t
Scott Ciencin80f,h,r,s,t
Tom ClancyNew Books107t
Mark ClaphamNew Books11s,t
Pamela Clare12m,r,t
Eric Clark5t
George Makana Clark1f,t
Wahida ClarkNew Books17r,t
Emma Clayton2f,t
Rory ClementsNew Books10m,t
James H Cobb7t
Molly Cochran28t
Matthew CodyNew Books13f,t
Ben CoesNew Books7t
William S CohenNew Books13t
Steve ColeNew Books106f,h,t
JaQuavis ColemanNew Books8t
Eoin ColferNew Books56f,m,s,t
Jackie Collins49m,r,t
Judy Collins7m,r,t
Max Allan CollinsNew Books180h,m,t
Suzanne Collins15f,m,s,t
David Compton4t
Bram Connolly1t
Kerry Connor17m,r,t
Linda Conrad63m,r,t
Simon Conway6t
Troy Conway34t
Robin CookNew Books43t
Stephen CoontsNew Books46s,t
C G CooperNew Books28m,t
Glenn Cooper11t
James Fenimore Cooper18t
David Corbett12m,t
Julie CorbinNew Books6m,t
Michael Cordy6t
Joshua Corin5t
Beth Cornelison54m,r,t
Bernard CornwellNew Books83t
Shawn CorridanNew Books2t
Neil Corry2s,t
Desmond Cory34m,t
Laurence Cossé4t
Dick Couch22t
Jack CoughlinNew Books12t
Catherine CoulterNew Books102h,m,r,t
Stephen Coulter11t
Bryce Courtenay23t
Greg CoxNew Books63f,h,m,s,t
James CraigNew Books19m,t
Robert CraisNew Books29m,t
Simon Crane1t
Dean CrawfordNew Books27s,t
Michael CrichtonNew Books30s,t
Bill CriderNew Books80h,m,t
Aiden Crisp1t
A C Crispin27f,s,t
Carter Crocker2f,t
John Crosby11t
Ethan CrossNew Books9m,t
Mason CrossNew Books5t
Neil CrossNew Books11m,t
Blake Crouch30h,m,s,t
Donna Fletcher Crow46m,t
Thomas Ray Crowel5t
Daniel Da Cruz16t
Charles Cumming10t
Chet CunninghamNew Books118t
Clive CusslerNew Books85t
Dirk Cussler7t
John Cutter11t

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