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Surname: C


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Will Cade - Franklin Carter
Nevada Carter - Dempsey Clay
Dan Claymaker - Don Coldsmith
Jackson Cole - Elliot Conway
Kent Conwell - Judy and Ronald Culp
Jack Cummings - Luke Cypher
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 Western authors, surname starts with C BooksGenres
Will Cade8w
Stephen Calder6w
Rod Caley3w
Chad Calhoun9m,w
Tom Calhoun10o,r,w
Wes Calhoun5w
Lou Cameron69m,t,w
Will Camp12o,w
Benjamin Capps14w
Mark Carrel29w
Forrest Carter5w
Franklin Carter4w
Nevada Carter17w
Boyd CassidyNew Books17w
Willa Cather21g,w
Tim Champlin37w
Luther Chance15w
Larry Chatham9w
Giff Cheshire27w
Matt Chisholm85w
Marion Chrisomalis1w
Walter van Tilburg Clark9w
Richard Clarke4w
Dempsey Clay12w
Dan Claymaker20w
Paul ClaytonNew Books8o,t,w
Eugene Clifton7w
Mick Clumpner4w
Ben Coady12w
L J Coburn5w
Walt Coburn46w
H H Cody7w
H N Cody1w
Jess Cody6w
Walt Cody3w
Don Coldsmith45o,w
Jackson Cole91w
Judd Cole39w
Jane Candia Coleman27r,w
B A Collier6w
Clem Colt15w
Dale Colter11w
Harry Combs6g,o,w
Ralph Compton108w
Will Comstock2w
Robert J Conley55s,w
Scott ConnorNew Books29w
Elliot Conway43w
Kent Conwell61m,w
Will Cook41w
Dane Coolidge52w
James Fenimore Cooper18t,w
Barry Cord45w
Ross Cord7w
Ralph CottonNew Books74w
William R Cox50m,w
Stephen Crane23h,w
Bill CriderNew Books81f,h,m,w
Ridgwell Cullum34m,o,r,t,w
Judy and Ronald Culp3w
Jack Cummings13w
Chet CunninghamNew Books110m,t,w
Eugene Cunningham26w
Gene Curry10w
Jack Curtis26h,m,w
Tom Curtis9w
Dan Cushman43w
Tom Cutter7w
Luke Cypher3w

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