Max Chase

Max Chase is the youngest of three brothers. He was born in England but grew up in Hong Kong. He has a black belt in karate and a red belt in Wing Chun. He has been writing since he was eight years old and now earns a living as a freelance journalist. He always dreamed about being an astronaut or a cowboy. With Star Fighters, he gets to be a little of both.
Star Fighters
   1. Alien Attack (2012)
   2. Deadly Mission (2012)
   3. The Enemy's Lair (2012)
   4. Crash Landing (2012)
   5. Lethal Combat (2012)
   6. Space Wars! (2011)
   7. Pirate Ambush (2012)
   8. Secret Weapon (2012)
   9. Evil Star (2012)
   10. Stealth Force (2012)