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Vince Cable

UK flag (b.1943)

Vince Cable is MP for Twickenham, and also served from 1997-2015. He was the Liberal Democrat's chief economic spokesperson from 2003-2010, having previously served as Chief Economist for Shell from 1995-1997. He was Business Secretary under the Coalition Government from 2010-2015. Cable has published three non-fiction books with Atlantic to critical acclaim: Free Radical, The Storm, and After the Storm. Open Arms is his debut novel.

Genres: Thriller
   Open Arms (2017)
Non fiction
   The Storm (2009) (with narrated by Terry Wilton)
   Free Radical (2009)
   After the Storm (2015)
   The Economists (2015)
   China: Engage! (2020)
   Money and Power (2021)
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