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Adrian d'Hagé6t
Christelle DabosNew Books2f
Pippa DaCostaNew Books30f,r,s
C R Daems29s
Mary DaheimNew Books70m,r
Arne DahlNew Books6m
Kjell Ola DahlNew Books7m
Michael Dahl91f,s
Roald Dahl111h
Victoria Dahl34r
Laurence E DahnersNew Books30f,s
Janet DaileyNew Books189r
Christina DalcherNew Books1s
Jacquie D'Alessandro55r
Kathi DaleyNew Books114m
Margaret DaleyNew Books169m,r
David DalglishNew Books35f
Sandra Dallas26r
Maggie DallenNew Books38r
Paula DalyNew Books7m
Joshua Dalzelle17s
Jeanne M DamsNew Books29m
Shirley Damsgaard8m
Victoria DanannNew Books41f,r
Jordan DaneNew Books24m,r
B J DanielsNew Books188m,r,t
Casey Daniels41m
J C Daniels10f,s
Jessie Daniels1
Lucy DanielsNew Books218r
Julie C DaoNew Books2f
Bianca D'ArcNew Books13f,h,r
Emma Darcy187r
Lydia Dare10h,r
Tessa DareNew Books26r
Dannika DarkNew Books25f,r
Annie DarlingNew Books4r
James Dashner30f
Somaiya DaudNew Books2f
Christi DaughertyNew Books2m
Piper DavenportNew Books35r
Peter David115f,h,s
Saul DavidNew Books25t
Patricia DavidsNew Books76m,r
Diane Mott Davidson18m,r
MaryJanice Davidson86f,h,m,r,t
Brenda K DaviesNew Books3f,r
J D Davies14
Jacqueline DaviesNew Books14m
Dee Davis37f,m,r,t
Fiona DavisNew Books4m
Jamie DavisNew Books26s
Jo Davis8m,r
Justine DavisNew Books108m,r,s,t
Krista DavisNew Books20m
Lindsey DavisNew Books37m
Susan Page DavisNew Books93m,r
Delilah S DawsonNew Books19f,r,s
Lucy DawsonNew Books9m
Mark DawsonNew Books42m,t
Alyssa DayNew Books32f,h,r
Maddie DayNew Books6m
S J DayNew Books7f,h,r
Zuri DayNew Books33r
Sandrone Dazieri3m
Louis de BernièresNew Books24
Charles de Lint92f
Domenica de Rosa6
Carolyn L DeanNew Books19m
Ellie DeanNew Books16
John DeanNew Books14m
Will DeanNew Books3m
Lara DearmanNew Books2m
Stephen Deas13f
Jeffery DeaverNew Books76m,t
L Sprague de Camp122f,s
Tracy DeebsNew Books8f,r
James DeeganNew Books2t
Rebecca DeelNew Books21
Julianna Deering6
Cindy DeesNew Books87f,m,r,s,t
Jim DeFeliceNew Books69t
Robyn DeHartNew Books24r
Len Deighton45t
Rachelle Dekker5f,m
Ted DekkerNew Books74f,m,t
Melissa De La CruzNew Books70f,h,r
Devon DelaneyNew Books3m
Joseph DelaneyNew Books34f,h
J P DelaneyNew Books3m
Luke Delaney17m
Samuel R Delany61f,s
Vicki DelanyNew Books31
R F Delderfield63m
Jana DeLeonNew Books54m,r,t
Don DeLillo21
Barbara Delinsky131m,r
Kari Lynn DellNew Books9r
Joanne DeMaioNew Books14r
Nelson DeMilleNew Books38m,t
Ernest DempseyNew Books34t
Rene DenfeldNew Books8m
Susan DennardNew Books8f
Troy DenningNew Books48f,s
Hannah DennisonNew Books10m
Grace Dent12
Lauren K DentonNew Books3
Sarah A DenzilNew Books5m
Virna DePaulNew Books71f,m,r,t
Phillip DePoy20m
Thomas DePrima19s
Jo Dereske20m
Kimberly Derting14f,m,r
Bruce deSilva5m
Sarah Dessen17r
Lauren DeStefanoNew Books16f,h
Joy Dettman15r
P T DeutermannNew Books25m,t
Jude DeverauxNew Books77m,r
Eva DevonNew Books26r
Patrick deWittNew Books5
Colin Dexter22m
A A Dhand3m
Anita Diamant19
De'nesha DiamondNew Books18m,r,t
Katerina DiamondNew Books5m
Lucy DiamondNew Books18r
Tess Diamond3m,r
Lena DiazNew Books43m,r
Michael Dibdin22m
Kate DiCamilloNew Books32
Philip K DickNew Books96s
Charles DickensNew Books76m
Joël Dicker2
Melanie DickersonNew Books19f,r
Eric Jerome DickeyNew Books33r,s
David Dickinson25m
Margaret DickinsonNew Books48
Miranda DickinsonNew Books17r
Peter Dickinson67f
Seth DickinsonNew Books4f,s
Carter Dickson28m
Gordon R Dickson107f,s
William Diehl10t
William Dietrich23t
William C DietzNew Books60s
Lucy DillonNew Books9r
Craig DiLouieNew Books28h,t
HelenKay DimonNew Books73r,t
Karen Dionne4m
Garry Disher52h,m,t
Laura DiSilverio15m,s
Tony DiTerlizziNew Books41f
Franklin W DixonNew Books425
Chris d'Lacey41f
L A DobbsNew Books5m
Leighann DobbsNew Books83h,m,r
Michael Dobbs21t
Melanie DobsonNew Books25r
Cory DoctorowNew Books44s
Christina DoddNew Books78f,h,m,r
Anthony Doerr6
Gordon DohertyNew Books13s
Paul DohertyNew Books119m
Ivan Doig20
Paul DoironNew Books13m
Eva Dolan5m
Harry Dolan4m
David DonachieNew Books32m
Angus DonaldNew Books13m
Dominick Donald1m
Robyn Donald141r
Julia DonaldsonNew Books154
Julianne Donaldson5r
Stephen DonaldsonNew Books38f,s
Claire Donally5m
Sara Donati7
Stephen DoneNew Books14m
Charlie DonleaNew Books4m
Jennifer DonnellyNew Books14f
Clare Donoghue5m
Emma DonoghueNew Books25f,m,s
Susan Donovan29r
Nadine DorriesNew Books17
Tim DorseyNew Books26m
James D Doss17m
Louise Doughty10m,t
Carole Nelson DouglasNew Books81f,m,r
Claire DouglasNew Books6m
Donna DouglasNew Books15
Ian DouglasNew Books34s
Penelope Douglas13r
Mark Douglas-Home3m
Keith Douglass45t
Sara Douglass21f
Ruth Downie10m
David DowningNew Books48m,t
Roddy DoyleNew Books42m
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle110m,s
Gardner DozoisNew Books207f,m,s
David DrakeNew Books160f,s
Jocelynn DrakeNew Books37f,h,m,r
Olivia DrakeNew Books13r
Piper J DrakeNew Books11f,m,r
Shannon Drake40h,r
Sharon M DraperNew Books31
Grace DravenNew Books21f,r
Vicky Dreiling8r
Jan DrexlerNew Books17r
Eileen DreyerNew Books18f,m,r
Sara DriscollNew Books3m
Teresa DriscollNew Books6m
Diane Duane72f,s,t
Brendan DuBoisNew Books44s,t
Jack Du Brul15t
Andre Dubus IIINew Books7
Margaret Duffy29m
Robert DugoniNew Books21m,t
Alexandre DumasNew Books50t
Daphne du Maurier52
Sarah DunantNew Books17
Debra DunbarNew Books45f,r
Alice DuncanNew Books60m
Dave DuncanNew Books68f,s
Elizabeth J Duncan12m
Francis Duncan20m
Lois Duncan51
Caroline DunfordNew Books22m
Helen Dunmore62f,h,t
Carola Dunn79m,r
Matthew DunnNew Books12t
Scarlett DunnNew Books7r
Steven Dunne7m
Dorothy Dunnett30
Kaitlyn DunnettNew Books14m
John Dunning15m
Lord Dunsany55
S K DunstallNew Books4s
Jeanne DuPrauNew Books17f
Meredith Duran17r
Francis Durbridge61m
Helen H DurrantNew Books14m
Sabine Durrant9m
Gerald Durrell44
Sarah Beth DurstNew Books20f,r
Dianne Duvall15f,h,r
Ginny DyeNew Books26r
Ashley DyerNew Books2m
Kate Dyer-SeeleyNew Books8m
Rachel Van DykenNew Books79f,r
Rachel DylanNew Books16m,r

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