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Adrian Dawson

UK flag (b.1971)

Adrian Dawson was born at home near Pontefract in Yorkshire, England, in 1971.

Having been a fan of all things creative for most of his life, Adrian eventually settled on illustration as the day job and became an airbrush illustrator. In 1988, one of his bosses placed a Mac under his nose and he never looked back. Adrians subsequent creative career has spanned digital illustration, retouching, advertising, graphics, web development and copywriting. At the age of 22, Adrian started his own design agency of which he is still Creative Director. 

Adrian is a self-confessed perfectionist who takes exceptional pride in the depth of research and detail I include in my work. Having read too many lame endings, Adrian ensures that he has a killer ending to his novels long before he writes so much as a single word. Adrian currently lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire with his chocolate labrador: Magus.

Genres: Thriller