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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with D BooksGenres
Pippa DaCostaNew Books21f,r,s
Michael Dahl91f,s
Laurence E DahnersNew Books29f,s
David DalglishNew Books34f
J C Daniels10f,s
Bianca D'ArcNew Books11f,h,r
Dannika DarkNew Books23f,r
James Dashner31f
C J Daugherty7f
Peter David113f,h,s
MaryJanice DavidsonNew Books83f,h,m,r,t
Dee Davis37f,m,r,t
Scarlett DawnNew Books27f,r,s
Alyssa DayNew Books32f,h,r
S J DayNew Books8f,h,r
Charles de Lint92f
Stephen Deas13f
L Sprague de Camp117f,s
Cindy DeesNew Books84f,m,r,s,t
Ted DekkerNew Books73f,m,t
Melissa De La CruzNew Books67f,h,r
Joseph DelaneyNew Books33f,h
Samuel R DelanyNew Books61f,s
Susan DennardNew Books8f
Troy Denning47f,s
Kimberly DertingNew Books14f,m,r
Lauren DeStefanoNew Books16f,h
Damian DibbenNew Books4f,t
Peter Dickinson66f
Gordon R Dickson107f,s
Tony DiTerlizziNew Books44f
Chris d'Lacey41f
Christina DoddNew Books77f,h,m,r
Stephen DonaldsonNew Books37f,s
Jennifer Donnelly12f
Emma DonoghueNew Books25f,m,s
Carole Nelson Douglas79f,m
Sara Douglass21f
Gardner DozoisNew Books204f,m,s
David DrakeNew Books156f,s
Jocelynn DrakeNew Books33f,h,r
Grace DravenNew Books18f,r
Diane Duane72f,s,t
David DuchovnyNew Books3f
Debra DunbarNew Books43f,r
Dave DuncanNew Books66f,s
Helen DunmoreNew Books62f,h,t
Jeanne DuPrauNew Books17f
Doranna Durgin70f,h,m,r,s,t
Sarah Beth DurstNew Books18f
Dianne Duvall14f,h,r
Rachel Van DykenNew Books75f,r

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