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 Horror authors, surname starts with D BooksGenres
Michael DahlNew Books193f,h,s
Roald Dahl109h
Richard DalbyNew Books29f,h,m,s
James Roy Daley16h
Kara Dalkey17f,h
Mary Danby51h
Tami Dane4h,r
Gitty DaneshvariNew Books15f,h,r
Kate DanleyNew Books23f,h
Jack Dann79h,s
Bianca D'ArcNew Books7h,r
Lydia Dare10h,r
Juliet Dark3h,r
Melissa Darnell7h,r
Ellen DatlowNew Books95f,h,m,s
Peter David135f,h,m,s
MaryJanice DavidsonNew Books72f,h,m,r,t
David Stuart DaviesNew Books43h,m
Aric Davis13h
Richard Davis28h
Tessa DawnNew Books12f,h,r
Alyssa DayNew Books24h,r
S J DayNew Books7f,h,r
Vox Day16h
Guy de Maupassant48h
Don DeBrandt5h
Keith R A DeCandidoNew Books90f,h,m,s
John DeChancieNew Books28f,h,s
Melissa De La CruzNew Books58f,h,r
Joseph DelaneyNew Books32f,h
Mike Dellosso16h,t
Matthew DennionNew Books6h
Rebecca Dessertine2h
Lauren DeStefanoNew Books13f,h
Stacia DeutschNew Books26h
Thea Devine23h,r
Lori Devoti29f,h,r
Michelle DienerNew Books18h,r
Allison Van DiepenNew Books10h,r
Steve Dillon18h,s
Craig DiLouieNew Books19h,t
Nick DiMartino4h
Garry DisherNew Books50h,m,t
Lucienne DiverNew Books11f,h
Joseph D'Lacey11h
Leighann DobbsNew Books58h,m,r
Christina DoddNew Books72f,h,m,r
Robert Dodds10h
Berlie DohertyNew Books79h
Cameron Dokey45f,h,r
Tommy DonbavandNew Books73f,h,s
Keith DonohueNew Books5f,h,m
Patrick D'Orazio3h
Jack DouglasNew Books6h
Kristina Douglas4h,r
Bill Doyle12h
Jocelynn DrakeNew Books24f,h,r
Shannon Drake36h,r
Cathy East Dubowski101f,h,m,r,s
Mark Dubowski16f,h,m
Tananarive Due20h,s
Luke Duffy6h
Shirley Duke1h
Alexandre DumasNew Books49h,t
Robert Dunbar9h
Glen Duncan10h
J N Duncan4f,h
Patrick Sheane DuncanNew Books3h
Helen DunmoreNew Books58f,h,t
Robert E DunnNew Books5h,m
David Dunwoody16h
Doranna Durgin68f,h,m,r,s,t
Jennifer Dussling4h
Dianne DuvallNew Books13f,h,r
Andre Duza11h

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