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 Romance authors, surname starts with D BooksGenres
Kaye Dacus13r
Mary Daheim67m,r
Victoria DahlNew Books34r
Janet DaileyNew Books183r
Barbara White DailleNew Books24r
Lisa Dale4r
Ruth Jean Dale41r
Jacquie D'AlessandroNew Books56r
Margaret DaleyNew Books121m,r
Sandra Dallas24r
Cami Dalton4r
Emily Dalton16r
Gena Dalton7r
Margot Dalton40m,r
Michelle Dalton4r
Pamela Dalton5r
Barbara Daly14r
Tess Daly3r
Natalie J Damschroder21f,r
Victoria DanannNew Books26f,r
Lacey Dancer17r
Jordan DaneNew Books19m,r
Tami Dane4h,r
Gitty DaneshvariNew Books15f,h,r
Kate Daniel11r
Susanna Daniel2r
B J DanielsNew Books144m,r,t
Elizabeth Daniels2r
Georgiana Daniels2r
Joleen Daniels7r
Kayla Daniels15r
Olga Daniels6r
Rebecca Daniels16m,r
Val Daniels10r
Sheila Danton15r
Katy Darby6r
Bianca D'ArcNew Books7h,r
Emma DarcyNew Books181r
Lilian DarcyNew Books122m,r
Lydia Dare10h,r
Tessa DareNew Books20r
Dannika DarkNew Books20f,r
Emmie Dark5r
Juliet Dark3h,r
Ellie DarkinsNew Books18r
Annie DarlingNew Books2r
Olivia Darling4r
Melissa Darnell7h,r
Nina DarntonNew Books3r,t
Annalisa DaughetyNew Books15r
Mary Margret Daughtridge5r
Laura DaveNew Books5r
Mons Daveson16r
Kay DavidNew Books34m,r,t
Trisha David8r
Patricia DavidsNew Books53m,r
Andrea Davidson10m,r
Carolyn Davidson45m,r
Diane Mott Davidson18m,r
MaryJanice DavidsonNew Books72f,h,m,r,t
Nicola DavidsonNew Books10r
Brenda K DaviesNew Books3f,r
Frances Davies8r
Jocelyn DaviesNew Books5f,r
Caitlyn Davis1r
Dee Davis36m,r,t
Heather Davis5r
Jo DavisNew Books7m,r
Justine DavisNew Books97m,r,t
Leslie Davis6m,r
Stephie Davis8r
Susan Page DavisNew Books80m,r
Suzannah Davis21r
Autumn Dawn32f,r
Tessa DawnNew Books12f,h,r
Delilah S Dawson15f,r
Jennifer DawsonNew Books8r
Jodi Dawson5r
Saranne Dawson26m,r
Alyssa DayNew Books24h,r
Julia Day1r
Marissa Day4f,r
S J DayNew Books7f,h,r
Zuri DayNew Books27r
Gail Dayton19r
Marie De Jourlet14r
Alyssa Dean8r
Dinah DeanNew Books13r
Janet DeanNew Books11r
Sonia Deane48r
AR DeClerckNew Books14r,s
Tracy Deebs7f,r
Denise DeeganNew Books9r
James Deem1r
Cindy DeesNew Books75f,m,r,s,t
Clari DeesNew Books5r
Jacqui Deevoy12r
Ann DeFeeNew Books16r
Robyn DeHart20r
Melissa De La CruzNew Books60f,h,r
Shawna Delacorte28m,r
Claire DelacroixNew Books56r
Jennifer DelamereNew Books4r
Roxann Delaney16r
Jana DeLeonNew Books46m,r,t
Barbara Delinsky108r
Karen Jones Delk2r
Belinda Dell21r
Kari Lynn DellNew Books6r
Genell Dellin25r
Wendy Delsol4f,r
Joanne DeMaioNew Books8r
Victoria DenaultNew Books6r
Sandy Dengler63r
Daire St. DenisNew Books5r
Janelle DenisonNew Books67f,m,r
Amie DenmanNew Books16r
Kathrynn Dennis3r
Mary Ellen Dennis4r
Kathie DeNoskyNew Books123r
Moriah Densley8f,r
Jamie Ann Denton33r
Kate Denton13r
Anna DePaloNew Books45r
Virna DePaulNew Books51f,m,r,t
Helen DePrimaNew Books7r
Peggy Dern39r
Kimberly DertingNew Books12f,m,r
Bree DespainNew Books6f,r
Sarah DessenNew Books17r
Anna DeStefano29r
Merrie DestefanoNew Books11f,m,r,s,t
Joy Dettman15r
Jude DeverauxNew Books76r
Ananda Devi2r
Angela Devine19r
Carol Devine5r
Frances Devine26m,r
Thea Devine23h,r
Calla Devlin1r
Ivy Devlin2f,r
Tracey DevlynNew Books9m,r
Eva DevonNew Books16r
Georgina Devon30r
Marian Devon23r
Lori Devoti29f,h,r
Isla Dewar19r,s
Rachel DeWoskin4r
De'nesha DiamondNew Books15r,t
Jacqueline DiamondNew Books125m,r,t
Lucy DiamondNew Books16r
Lena DiazNew Books37m,r
Melanie DickersonNew Books14r
Eric Jerome DickeyNew Books30r,s
Miranda DickinsonNew Books14r
Helen DicksonNew Books73r
Michelle DienerNew Books17h,r
Allison Van DiepenNew Books10h,r
Debra Dier17r
Vanessa Diffenbaugh2r
Lucy DillonNew Books7r
HelenKay DimonNew Books67m,r,t
Joyce Dingwell78r
Lila DiPasquaNew Books10r
L Divine19r
Debra Dixon18r
Diana Dixon9r
Nan DixonNew Books10r
Leighann DobbsNew Books59h,m,r
Marissa DobsonNew Books53r
Melanie DobsonNew Books20r
Christina DoddNew Books73f,h,m,r
DeAnna Julie Dodson4r
Susan Dodson4r
Cameron Dokey45f,h,r
Jaclyn DolamoreNew Books10f,r
Charlotte Louise Dolan10r
Joan J Domning10r
Tina DonahueNew Books14r
Robyn Donald137r
Julianne DonaldsonNew Books4r
Jane Donnelly69r
Shannon Donnelly25r
Kate Donovan36f,m,r,t
Marie Donovan23r
Susan DonovanNew Books28r
Lena Nelson DooleyNew Books44r
Karen Doornebos2r
Christine Dorsey34r
Anne DouglasNew Books23r
Casey Douglas7r
Charlotte Douglas39m,r,s
Kristina Douglas4h,r
Michelle DouglasNew Books57r
Shane Douglas16r
Sheila Douglas14r
Wendy Douglas2r
Jessica Douglass5r
Candice Dow8r
Cecelia DowdyNew Books12r
Frances O'Roark DowellNew Books20r
Lesley DownerNew Books17r
Jenny Downham3r
Jill Downie16r
Amanda Doyle19r
Barbara Doyle4r
Catherine DoyleNew Books3r,t
Stephanie DoyleNew Books31m,r,t
Angela Dracup20r
Ty Drago9r,s
Dianne DrakeNew Books56r
Jocelynn DrakeNew Books25f,h,r
Laura Drake12r
Olivia DrakeNew Books12r
Piper J DrakeNew Books6m,r
Shannon Drake36h,r
Grace DravenNew Books13f,r
Stephanie Draven13f,r
Vicky Dreiling8r
Jennifer Drew19r
Jan DrexlerNew Books10r
Eileen Dreyer16m,r
Kathleen Drymon20r
Judy DuarteNew Books103r
Sandra DuBay16r
Shirin Dubbin4f,r
Cathy East Dubowski101f,h,m,r,s
Hilary Duff3f,r
Carrie Duffy3r
Elizabeth Duke19r
Jesse DuKore3r
Terri DulongNew Books14r
Michele Dunaway31m,r
Natalie Dunbar16m,r
Roz Dunbar2r
Diana Duncan15m,r
Judith Duncan22r
Leigh Duncan19r
Tina Duncan7r
Marilee Dunker2r
Barbara DunlopNew Books111r
Carola DunnNew Books78m,r
Matt DunnNew Books11r
Scarlett DunnNew Books5r
Sharon DunnNew Books27m,r
Madris Dupree1r
Anne Marie Duquette23r
Lee Duran4r
Meredith DuranNew Books15r
Doranna Durgin68f,h,m,r,s,t
Anne Durham12r
Dianne DuvallNew Books13f,h,r
Alice Dwyer-Joyce33r
Ginny Dye17r
Lois Faye Dyer36r
Stephen Dyer1r
Rachel Van DykenNew Books62r
Rachel DylanNew Books12m,r
Lisa DysonNew Books11r

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