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 Romance authors, surname starts with D BooksGenres
Pippa DaCostaNew Books30f,r,s
Mary DaheimNew Books70m,r
Victoria Dahl34r
Janet DaileyNew Books189r
Jacquie D'Alessandro55r
Margaret DaleyNew Books169m,r
Sandra Dallas26r
Maggie DallenNew Books38r
Victoria DanannNew Books41f,r
Jordan DaneNew Books24m,r
B J DanielsNew Books189m,r,t
Lucy DanielsNew Books220r
Bianca D'ArcNew Books13f,h,r
Emma Darcy187r
Lydia Dare10h,r
Tessa DareNew Books26r
Dannika DarkNew Books25f,r
Annie DarlingNew Books4r
Piper DavenportNew Books35r
Patricia DavidsNew Books76m,r
Diane Mott Davidson18m,r
MaryJanice Davidson86f,h,m,r,t
Brenda K DaviesNew Books3f,r
Emma DaviesNew Books11r
Dee Davis37f,m,r,t
Jo Davis8m,r
Justine DavisNew Books108m,r,s,t
Susan Page DavisNew Books93m,r
Delilah S DawsonNew Books19f,r,s
Alyssa DayNew Books32f,h,r
S J DayNew Books7f,h,r
Zuri DayNew Books33r
Tracy DeebsNew Books8f,r
Cindy DeesNew Books88f,m,r,s,t
Robyn DeHartNew Books24r
Melissa De La CruzNew Books70f,h,r
Claire DelacroixNew Books63r
Jana DeLeonNew Books54m,r,t
Barbara Delinsky131m,r
Kari Lynn DellNew Books9r
Joanne DeMaioNew Books14r
Virna DePaulNew Books71f,m,r,t
Kimberly Derting14f,m,r
Sarah DessenNew Books18r
Joy Dettman15r
Jude DeverauxNew Books77m,r
Eva DevonNew Books26r
De'nesha DiamondNew Books18m,r,t
Lucy DiamondNew Books18r
Tess Diamond3m,r
Lena DiazNew Books43m,r
Melanie DickersonNew Books19f,r
Eric Jerome DickeyNew Books33r,s
Miranda DickinsonNew Books17r
Lucy DillonNew Books9r
HelenKay DimonNew Books73r,t
Leighann DobbsNew Books83h,m,r
Melanie DobsonNew Books25r
Christina DoddNew Books78f,h,m,r
Robyn Donald141r
Julianne Donaldson5r
Susan Donovan29r
Carole Nelson DouglasNew Books81f,m,r
Penelope Douglas13r
Jocelynn DrakeNew Books37f,h,m,r
Olivia DrakeNew Books13r
Piper J DrakeNew Books11f,m,r
Shannon Drake40h,r
Grace DravenNew Books21f,r
Jan DrexlerNew Books17r
Eileen DreyerNew Books17f,m,r
Debra DunbarNew Books46f,r
Carola Dunn79m,r
Scarlett DunnNew Books7r
Meredith Duran17r
Sarah Beth DurstNew Books20f,r
Dianne Duvall15f,h,r
Ginny DyeNew Books26r
Rachel Van DykenNew Books79f,r
Rachel DylanNew Books16m,r

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