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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with D BooksGenres
Pippa DaCostaNew Books30f,r,s
C R Daems29s
Michael Dahl91f,s
Laurence E DahnersNew Books30f,s
Joshua Dalzelle17s
J C Daniels10f,s
Peter David115f,h,s
Jamie DavisNew Books28s
Justine DavisNew Books108m,r,s,t
Scarlett Dawn27f,r,s
Delilah S DawsonNew Books19f,r,s
Arwen Elys DaytonNew Books7f,s
L Sprague de Camp122f,s
Cindy DeesNew Books89f,m,r,s,t
Samuel R Delany61f,s
Troy DenningNew Books48f,s
Thomas DePrima19s
Philip K DickNew Books96s
Eric Jerome DickeyNew Books33r,s
Seth DickinsonNew Books4f,s
Gordon R Dickson107f,s
William C DietzNew Books60s
Laura DiSilverio15m,s
Cory DoctorowNew Books44s
Gordon DohertyNew Books13s
Stephen DonaldsonNew Books38f,s
Emma DonoghueNew Books26f,m,s
Gene DoucetteNew Books21f,s
Ian DouglasNew Books34s
Sir Arthur Conan DoyleNew Books118m,s
Gardner DozoisNew Books207f,m,s
David DrakeNew Books160f,s
Diane Duane71f,s,t
Brendan DuBoisNew Books44s,t
Dave DuncanNew Books67f,s
S K Dunstall4s

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