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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with D BooksGenres
C R DaemsNew Books27s
Michael DahlNew Books200f,h,s
Laurence E DahnersNew Books25s
Richard DalbyNew Books29f,h,m,s
Brian Daley15s
Sean Dalton13s
Catherine Daly10s
Joshua DalzelleNew Books14s
Doug DandridgeNew Books37s
Tony DanielNew Books12s
Tony Daniel25s
Hjalti Danielsson1s
Sean DankerNew Books2s
Jack Dann83h,s
Joshua Dann5s
Andrea DaRif2s
C J Darlington7s
Clark Darlton43s
Paul Darrow7s
Peter Darvill-Evans5s
Indrapramit DasNew Books2s
Ellen DatlowNew Books96f,h,m,s
Peter DavidNew Books136f,h,m,s
Paul Davids7s
Avram Davidson38f,m,s
Rjurik Davidson5s
Bryan DavisNew Books39f,s
Carol Anne Davis18s
Gerry Davis9s
Harold Davis14s
Russell Davis17f,m,s,t
Roxann Dawson3s
Martin Day10s
Gavin Deas4s
Catherine Crook de Camp12s
L Sprague de Camp117f,s
Keith R A DeCandidoNew Books89f,h,m,s
John DeChancie28f,h,s
James K Decker3s
AR DeClerckNew Books18r,s
Cindy DeesNew Books75f,m,r,s,t
Christopher Defilippis1s
Matthew B J DelaneyNew Books4s,t
Samuel R DelanyNew Books58f,s
Virginia DeMarce5s
Aaron Dembski-BowdenNew Books23f,s
Michael Dempsey1s
Troy DenningNew Books47f,s
Lester Dent164s
Thomas DePrimaNew Books18s
Merrie DestefanoNew Books11f,m,r,s,t
Dean Devlin8s
Isla Dewar19r,s
Gene DeWeese34f,s
Philip K Dick87s
Eric Jerome DickeyNew Books30r,s
Seth Dickinson3s
Terrance Dicks236s
Gordon R Dickson106f,s
William C DietzNew Books58s
J M Dillard21s
Steve Dillon18h,s
Kevin Dilmore26s
Thomas M Disch55s
Laura DiSilverioNew Books15m,s
Shane Dix12s
Chuck Dixon80f,s
Douglas Dixon1s
Cory DoctorowNew Books34s
Robert Doherty16s,t
Stephen DonaldsonNew Books31f,s
Tommy DonbavandNew Books77f,h,s
Emma DonoghueNew Books24f,m,s
Lawrence Donovan9s
Candas Jane Dorsey8s
Charlotte Douglas39m,r,s
Ian DouglasNew Books31s
Stuart Douglas5m,s
Debra Doyle53s
Larry DoyleNew Books5s
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle101m,s
Gardner DozoisNew Books199f,m,s
Ty Drago9r,s
David DrakeNew Books153f,s
William H Drinkard1s
Diane Duane72f,s,t
Brendan DuBoisNew Books38s
Cathy East Dubowski101f,h,m,r,s
Terence Dudley4s
Tananarive Due20h,s
Stella DuffyNew Books21m,s
Dave DuncanNew Books61f,s
Rod DuncanNew Books8m,s
Richard Dungworth25f,s
C Z DunnNew Books6s
Christian Dunn25f,s
J R DunnNew Books4s
Pintip DunnNew Books7s
S K Dunstall3s
Doranna Durgin68f,h,m,r,s,t
David Dvorkin25s
Andrew Dymond1s
Stefan R Dziemianowicz39s

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