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Natalie J Damschroder

Natalie J. Damschroder became a writer the hard way--by avoiding it. Though she wrote her first book at age six (My Very Own Reading Book) and received accolades for her academic writing (Ruth Davies Award for Excellence in Writing for a paper on deforestation her senior year in college), she hated doing it. Colonial food and the habits of the European Starling just weren't her thing.

Shortly after graduating from college, however, she found her niche--romantic fiction. After an internship with the National Geographic Society, customer service for a phone company just wasn't that exciting. So she began learning how to write the books she'd loved to read all her life

Genres: Paranormal Romance
Natalie J Damschroder's books for adults only

Goddesses Rising
1. Under the Moon (2011)
2. Heavy Metal (2013)
3. Sunroper (2013)
Sentence Collections (with Vicky Burkholder, Allison B Hanson, Misty Simon and Victoria H Smith)
1. The First Sentence (2018)
2. The Second Sentence (2018)
Natalie J Damschroder recommends
Something Old Something Dead (2007)
(Ivy Morris Mystery)
Misty Simon
"With Ivy's propensity for trouble and the chaos of her insane family, you'll be laughing too hard to figure out the villain before the end."

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