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The Apocalypse Prophecies: Books 2-4

(A book in the Apocalypse Prophecies series)
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This box set follows on from book 1.
An easy way to get books 2, 3 and 4 in the series.

If you knew the apocalypse had begun, what would you be willing to do to survive?

The first Seal has broken and the Gates of Hell creak with the weight of the demonic hordes.
With the Middle East in flames, the Inquisitors find they are losing the battle, unaware that the Antichrist has risen.
Giles Horn has worked tirelessly to bring about the end of all things and is now ready to claim his Satanic throne.

In London, Lilith continues the hunt, ignorant to the enemies now threatening her.
For the first time in her life, she will become the hunted.
In a world corrupted, she will learn there are worse things than demons.

Emily Ralph can see the black aura caused by demonic possession.
But it's not just her teacher she fears.
Someone closer to home is about to be tainted by that dark shroud of evil.

When the Second Seal breaks, the war to end all wars will finally begin.

Could you keep your sanity if you learnt the world was on the brink of war and mass starvation?

Terrorism has once again come to America.
The city of Philadelphia burns.
Will New York also fall to Atomic fire, or will the Iranian sleeper agents be discovered in time?

In the UK, Vicky Ralph finds herself stalked by a demon intent on possession.
The demon is powerful, persistent and threatens to take everything from her.
What will she be willing to do to save herself and her precious daughter?

When the Third Seal breaks, the battle for humanity may have already been lost.

What would you do if you learnt that Satan and his demons were real?

The breaking of the first three seals has brought the threat of global war and famine.
But the Antichrist has another trick up his Satanic sleeve.
The breaking of the Fourth Seal represents death in the form of the worst pandemic humanity has ever faced.

The plan is clear. Destroy nation-states and bring the human population of the planet down to less than half a billion.

But there is hope, for a clue to the identity of the Antichrist has been revealed.
Can Lilith and the Inquisition combat the forces of evil, or will Giles Horn succeed in taking mankind to the very brink of destruction?

If the Antichrist succeeds, 7 billion people won't stand a chance... and the innocent will suffer along with the guilty.

Genre: Science Fiction

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Title: The Apocalypse Prophecies Books 2, 3, 4: The Second Seal, The Third Seal, The Fourth Seal
Author(s): Sean Deville
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