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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with E BooksGenres
Nicholas EamesNew Books1f
Robert Earl7f
Tobie Easton1f
Abra Ebner10f,r
David Eddings36f
Leigh Eddings9f
Cynthia EdenNew Books111f,h,m,r,t
Rosemary Edghill32f,r
Ian Edginton16f,s
David Edison1f
Terah EdunNew Books16f
Hailey EdwardsNew Books22f
Greg Van Eekhout9f
Patricia Eimer7f,r
Dan Elish37f
Greg Elliot2f,r
Anna Elliott15f,r
Kate ElliottNew Books26f,s
Will Elliott21f
Helen Ellis3f,r
Julie Ellis58f,m,s
Leanna Ellis14f,r
P N Elrod43f,h,m,r,s
Ru Emerson25f,r
Clayton Emery24f,h,m
Tea Emesse4f
James EngeNew Books10f
Marion Engle1f
Steve Englehart6f,s
Amy EphronNew Books7f
Adam Jay Epstein7f
Steven EriksonNew Books28f,s
Aileen ErinNew Books7f
Ian C EsslemontNew Books8f
Jennifer EstepNew Books42f,h,r,t
Rose Estes35f,m,t
Chris Evans4f
Christopher Evans25f,s
Erin M EvansNew Books8f
Leigh Evans5f
Linda Evans13f
Lissa EvansNew Books9f
Richard Paul EvansNew Books48f
Jaymin EveNew Books19f,h,r
Laure EveNew Books4f
D D EverestNew Books3f
Corinne Everett5f,r
Al Ewing10f,h,s
Amy EwingNew Books5f
Lynne Ewing27f,t

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