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 Mystery authors, surname starts with E BooksGenres
Barbara EarlyNew Books3m
Hank EarlyNew Books2m
Lynette EasonNew Books65m,r
Patrick Easter4m
Sam Eastland8m
Dawn EastmanNew Books6m
J C EatonNew Books5m
Marjorie Eccles31m,t
Cynthia EdenNew Books119f,h,m,r,t
Stephen EdgerNew Books21m
Elizabeth EdmondsonNew Books13h,m,r
Mark EdwardsNew Books16m
Martin EdwardsNew Books59m
Åke Edwardson8m
Barry EislerNew Books24m,t
Emily Elgar1m
Aaron ElkinsNew Books34m,t
Jessica EllicottNew Books2m
Kendra ElliotNew Books19m,r
Laura Elliot6m
David Ellis19m
Joy EllisNew Books13m
Karen EllisNew Books1m
Kate EllisNew Books33m
Mary Ellis22m,r
Robert Ellis7m
Tim EllisNew Books66m
Harlan EllisonNew Books91m,s
J T EllisonNew Books42h,m,t
R J Ellory18m
James EllroyNew Books29m
John EllsworthNew Books24m
P N Elrod42f,h,m,r,s
Earl W EmersonNew Books27m
Kathy Lynn Emerson44m,r
K J EmrickNew Books58m
Thomas EngerNew Books5m
Caroline EnglandNew Books2m
Suzanne EnochNew Books49m,r
Alex EricksonNew Books6m
Carol EricsonNew Books78m,r,t
Kjell Eriksson8m
Kathleen ErnstNew Books39m
Allen EskensNew Books4m
Janet EvanovichNew Books80m,r
Mary Anna EvansNew Books21m
Misty EvansNew Books57m,r
Chris Ewan11m

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