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 Romance authors, surname starts with E BooksGenres
Kathleen Eagle64r
Laurie Alice EakesNew Books29r
Lynette EasonNew Books63m,r
Jillian EatonNew Books30r
Lexi Eddings2r
Cynthia EdenNew Books113f,h,m,r,t
Sarah M EdenNew Books45r
Elizabeth EdmondsonNew Books13h,m,r
Cassie Edwards110r
Hailey EdwardsNew Books26f,r
Jerry S EicherNew Books42r
Simone Elkeles11r
Kendra ElliotNew Books18m,r
Cara Elliott10r
Kelly ElliottNew Books37r
Mary Ellis22m,r
P N Elrod42f,h,m,r,s
Kathy Lynn Emerson44m,r
Christy English11r
Suzanne EnochNew Books48m,r
Karen Erickson24r
Carol EricsonNew Books74m,r,t
Barbara Erskine20r
Elizabeth EssexNew Books18r
Jennifer Estep42f,h,r,t
Janet EvanovichNew Books78m,r
Stephanie Evanovich3r
Bronwen EvansNew Books22r
Harriet EvansNew Books18r
Misty EvansNew Books44m,r
Richard Paul EvansNew Books51f,r
Jaymin EveNew Books22f,h,r
Lily Everett15r

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