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 Romance authors, surname starts with E BooksGenres
Kathleen Eagle64r
Laurie Alice EakesNew Books29r
Anne Eames8r
Steve Earle2r
Fran Earley5m,r
Margot Early35r
Lynette EasonNew Books62m,r
Aimee EasterlingNew Books18f,r
Jillian EatonNew Books30r
Anna Eberhardt3r
Linda Eberhardt2r
Glen EbischNew Books25m,r
Abra Ebner10f,r
Jennifer Echols18r
Kristin Eckhardt6r
Lorhainne EckhartNew Books63m,r
Lexi EddingsNew Books2r
Cynthia EdenNew Books113f,h,m,r,t
Gayle Eden45r
Jennifer Eden9r
Sarah M EdenNew Books44r
Janet Edgar1m,r
Rosemary Edghill32f,r
Janet Edmonds20m,r
Elizabeth EdmondsonNew Books13h,m,r
Jack George Edmunson2r
Adrienne Edwards5r
Andrea Edwards31r
Bonnie EdwardsNew Books8r
Cassie Edwards110r
Eve Edwards5r
Hailey EdwardsNew Books27f,r
Louisa Edwards7r
Marissa Edwards3r
Tara Eglington1r
Beth Ehemann7r
Jerry S EicherNew Books42r
Beverley Eikli7r
Patricia Eimer8f,r
Marion Ekholm4r
Gordon Eklund24m,r,s
Dorothy Elbury12r
Anne ElizabethNew Books11m,r
Simone Elkeles11r
Christina ElleNew Books3m,r
Jaye Ellen1r
Cynthia EllingsenNew Books3m,r
Camille Elliot5r
Greg Elliot2f,r
Kendra ElliotNew Books18m,r
Lucy Elliot8r
Rachel Elliot9r
Anna ElliottNew Books15f,m,r
Beth Elliott6r
Cara Elliott10r
Cathy Elliott3m,r
Elizabeth Elliott5r,t
Kelly ElliottNew Books37r
Patricia Elliott9m,r
Rinda ElliottNew Books14r
Robin Elliott15r
Rosslyn Elliott4r
Sarah Elliott5r
Carol Ellis36h,m,r
Helen Ellis3f,r
Joyce K Ellis1r
Leanna Ellis14f,r
Lucy EllisNew Books37r
Lyn Ellis12r
Mary Ellis22m,r
Patricia Ellis6r
Virginia Ellis8r
Suzanne EllisonNew Books19r
Robert Elmer64r
P N Elrod42f,h,m,r,s
Hebe Elsna95r
Rose Elver6r
Liz Elwes12r
Roger Elwood101r,s
Kate Emburg6r
Kate Emerson7r
Kathy Lynn Emerson44m,r
Ru Emerson25f,r
Judith Enderle20r
Callie EndicottNew Books12r
Lizzie Enfield3r
Christy English11r
Suzanne EnochNew Books48m,r
Anne EnrightNew Books13m,r
Karen Erickson23r
Lynn Erickson55r,s
Carol EricsonNew Books74m,r,t
Arlene Erlbach5r
Barbara Erskine20r
Elizabeth EssexNew Books19r
Vicki Essex11r
Terry Essig14r
Jennifer EstepNew Books42f,h,r,t
Rita Clay Estrada34r
Wendy Etherington47r
Kristen EthridgeNew Books11r
Elizabeth EulbergNew Books12r
Marcia Evanick40r
Janet EvanovichNew Books78m,r
Stephanie Evanovich3r
Ann Evans18r
Bronwen EvansNew Books21r
Harmony Evans8r
Harriet EvansNew Books18r
Isolde Evans1r
Jean Evans49r
Jessie EvansNew Books35r
Lindsay EvansNew Books14r
Marianne EvansNew Books32r
Misty EvansNew Books43m,r
Molly Evans24r
Natalie Meg EvansNew Books4r
Richard Paul EvansNew Books51f,r
Sarah Evans7r
Jaymin EveNew Books22f,h,r
Corinne Everett5f,r
Lily Everett15r
Sarah Everett1r
John EversonNew Books24h,r

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