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Surname: F

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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with F BooksGenres
Michel Faber15f,m
Jennifer Fallon26f,s
David Farland61f,h,s
Philip José Farmer97f,s,t
Christine FeehanNew Books101f,h,m,r
Raymond E Feist52f
Jasper Fforde17f,m,s,t
Sarah FineNew Books23f
Catherine Fisher44f,h
Becca Fitzpatrick9f,r
John FlanaganNew Books26f,m
Charlie Fletcher10f
Donna FletcherNew Books47f,r
Lynn Flewelling11f
Alex Flinn16f,r
Eric FlintNew Books102f,s
Tina Folsom21f,h,r
Amanda FoodyNew Books2f
M R ForbesNew Books35f,s
Laurie ForestNew Books3f
M L Forman5f
Bella ForrestNew Books75f,m,r
William R ForstchenNew Books58f,h,s,t
Kate Forsyth27f
Alan Dean FosterNew Books151f,s
Addison FoxNew Books42f,h,m,r
Angie FoxNew Books35f,h,m,r
Diana Pharaoh Francis15f
Jacquelyn FrankNew Books32f,h,r
Dana FredstiNew Books10f
Dave Freer43f,s
James FreyNew Books21f,t
C S Friedman15f
Esther Friesner59f,h,s
Jeaniene FrostNew Books30f,h,r
Kimberly Frost9f,h,r
Mark FrostNew Books13f,m
Cornelia FunkeNew Books42f,r

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