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Ruth Fitzgerald


Ruth Fitzgerald was born in Bridgend, South Wales. She grew up in a happy, chaotic family with far too many brothers.

When she was six years old she wrote her first story, Mitzi the Mole Gets Married and immediately announced she wanted to be a writer. Her teacher immediately advised her that writing was a hobby and she needed to get a proper job. Since then she has tried twenty-three proper jobs, including teaching English in Japan, being a social worker and selling candles on a market stall. She has learned a lot from these experiences, mainly never to trust a teacher.

Ruth lives in Suffolk with her partner and their three children and five chickens. Her family are all very supportive of her writing, although the chickens dont say a lot. Ruths children agreed to give her peace and quiet to write as long as she bought them a hamster on publication, at the time this seemed like a good idea but she is now regretting such a rash promise.

Ruth is currently in her final year studying for a MA in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her debut middle grade novel EMILY SPARKES AND THE FRIENDSHIP FIASCO, the first in a four book series, will be published in 2015 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers UK.