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Elly Grant

Elly Grant’s not the sort of person you want to meet in a dark alley. By her own admission, she likes to kill people and from what we can see, she’s very good at it - there must be dozens.

Elly Grant is an accomplished author who’s won a string of awards and commendations for her writing.

She specialises in crime. Her Death in the Pyrenees series is set in a small spa town in French Catalonia. The books give a real flavour of the delights and quirkiness of the region. They feature Danielle, a female detective, and follow her career progression as she investigates and solves a range of murders and mysteries. Although written in English, and selling predominantly in English speaking countries, Elly’s books have held a #1 position on Amazon France. She’s even had feedback from French readers agreeing with Danielle’s extreme opinions of expats. There are currently five books in the series. Starting with Palm Trees in the Pyrenees, then progressing through Grass Grows, Red Light, Dead End and Deadly Degrees.
   But Billy Can't Fly (2019) (with Angi Fox)
   Death at Presley Park (2020)