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 Fantasy authors, surname starts with G BooksGenres
Diana GabaldonNew Books35f,m
Neil GaimanNew Books78f,h,s
Yasmine GalenornNew Books88f,h,m,r
Ben GalleyNew Books16f,h
Stephanie GarberNew Books3f
Kami GarciaNew Books23f,h,r
Olivia GatesNew Books131f,r
A C GaughenNew Books5f
Kelly GayNew Books9f,s
David Gemmell39f,m
Stella Gemmell3f
Elizabeth George32f,m
Jessica Day George16f,r
Kerstin Gier8f
Laura Anne GilmanNew Books40f,h,m,r,s
Colleen Gleason52f,h,m,r
Abbi GlinesNew Books54f,r
Christie GoldenNew Books66f,h,r,s
Christopher GoldenNew Books165f,h,m,s,t
Terry GoodkindNew Books33f,h,m,t
Alison GoodmanNew Books8f
Carol GoodmanNew Books24f,h,m
Theodora GossNew Books12f,r
Eileen Goudge61f,m,r
Viola GraceNew Books92f,r,s
Heather GrahamNew Books245f,h,m,r,t
Charles L Grant104f,h,s
Donna GrantNew Books117f,r
Michael GrantNew Books34f,h,m,s,t
Mira GrantNew Books26f,h,s
Tessa GrattonNew Books18f,r
Claudia GrayNew Books21f,h,r,s
Andrew M Greeley71f,m
Sally GreenNew Books7f
Simon R GreenNew Books88f,h,s
Ed Greenwood83f
Kerry GreenwoodNew Books62f,m
Jill GregoryNew Books41f,r
Kate Griffin6f
Justin Gustainis14f,h,m,s
John GwynneNew Books9f

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