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 Horror authors, surname starts with G BooksGenres
W D Gagliani21h,r
Yasmine GalenornNew Books70f,h,m,r
Diana G Gallagher98f,h,m,r,s
Stephen Gallagher29h,m
Lewis Gannett5h
Kami GarciaNew Books23f,h,r
Cate Gardner5h
Craig Shaw Gardner44f,h,s
Sheryl Gardner1h
Terri Garey10f,h,r
Cynthia Garner7h,r
Ray Garton55f,h,m,t
David Gatward13h
Jamila Gavin53h
Harrison Geillor2h
Sonia Gensler3h
Lexi GeorgeNew Books6f,h,r
Stephen R George14h
Adèle Geras120h
Nick Gevers10h
Anthony Giangregorio82h
Alan GibbonsNew Books75h,t
Jo Gibson10h,m
Greg F Gifune32h
Laura Anne GilmanNew Books36f,h,m,s
George Gipe4h,s
Sèphera GirónNew Books5h
Victor Gischler24f,h
John S GlasbyNew Books109h,m
Colleen GleasonNew Books46f,h,m,r
Parke Godwin25h
Sam Godwin4h
Lee Goldberg89h,m
Christie GoldenNew Books65f,h,s
Christopher GoldenNew Books158f,h,m,s,t
Joel Goldman19h,m
Leslie Goldman26h,s
J F Gonzalez24h
Cody Goodfellow25h
Terry GoodkindNew Books25f,h,t
Carol GoodmanNew Books17f,h,m
Carol Gorman26h,m
Ed GormanNew Books208h,m,s
Aaron Gorvine29f,h,r
Sharon GoslingNew Books16h,s
James GossNew Books23h,s
C S Goto8h,s
Kailin GowNew Books134f,h,m,r,t
Chris GrabensteinNew Books50h,m,s
Nicholas Grabowsky15h
Sable Grace4f,h,s
Heather GrahamNew Books191f,h,m,r,t
Lorna Graham1h,r
Jon Grahame3h
Seth Grahame-Smith11h
Charles L Grant93f,h,s
Helen Grant6f,h
Michael GrantNew Books31f,h,s,t
Mira GrantNew Books20h,s
Damien Graves4h
Claudia GrayNew Books18f,h,r,s
Thomas GreaniasNew Books14h,t
Simon R GreenNew Books82f,h,s
Martin H Greenberg656f,h,m,r,s,t
Lois H GreshNew Books30h,m,s
Stephen Gresham21h
S L Grey7h
Adele GriffinNew Books30h,r
Clay Griffith27f,h
Kathryn Meyer GriffithNew Books37h
Susan Griffith16f,h
Michael Griffo7h,r
Rick Gualtieri16h
Simon Guerrier14h,s
Catherine Ritch Guess24h
Peadar Ó GuilínNew Books6f,h
Addison Gunn1h
Paula GuranNew Books49f,h,r
JE GurleyNew Books21h
Scott Gustafson1h,m
Justin Gustainis14f,h,m,s

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