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 Mystery authors, surname starts with G BooksGenres
Diana GabaldonNew Books33f,m
Michelle Gagnon11m
Gillian Galbraith7m
Robert Galbraith3m
Yasmine GalenornNew Books73f,h,m,r
Stephen Gallagher29h,m
Katherine GarberaNew Books227m,r,t
Meg GardinerNew Books14m
Ashley GardnerNew Books21m
Erle Stanley Gardner124m
John Gardner57m,t
Lisa GardnerNew Books33m
A D Garrett3m
Julie GarwoodNew Books40m,r
Jonathan Gash37m
Eva GatesNew Books4m
P L Gaus10m
Stephanie GayleNew Books3m
A L GaylinNew Books1m
Alison GaylinNew Books10m
Roberta Gellis46m,r
David Gemmell39f,m
Rosie Genova4m
Sulari GentillNew Books12m
Anne George15m
Elizabeth GeorgeNew Books31f,m
Cindy Gerard78m,r,t
Daryl Wood GerberNew Books9m
Carin Gerhardsen3m
Tess GerritsenNew Books59m,r
Patricia GibneyNew Books3m
Nancy GideonNew Books36f,m,r
Michael Gilbert49m
Susan GillardNew Books70m
Dorothy Gilman35m
Laura Anne GilmanNew Books37f,h,m,s
John GilstrapNew Books25m,t
Mark Gimenez11m
Maurizio de GiovanniNew Books11m
Danielle GirardNew Books12m
Deeanne Gist13m,r
Michele Giuttari7m
John S Glasby109h,m
Colleen GleasonNew Books44f,h,m,r
Steve GobleNew Books1m
Robert GoddardNew Books30m,t
Lee GoldbergNew Books90h,m
Leonard GoldbergNew Books14m,t
Tod GoldbergNew Books12m
Alison GoldenNew Books15m
Christopher GoldenNew Books158f,h,m,s,t
Sally GoldenbaumNew Books28m,r
Julia Golding30f,m,t
Joel Goldman19h,m
Matt GoldmanNew Books2m
Robert GoldsboroughNew Books20m
Philip Gooden23f,m,s
Carol GoodmanNew Books17f,h,m
Jason GoodwinNew Books13m
Dolores Gordon-SmithNew Books13m
Ed GormanNew Books208h,m,s
C W Gortner10m
Eileen Goudge61f,m,r
Chris GrabensteinNew Books51h,m,s
Celina GraceNew Books30m
Margaret Grace9m
Nancy Grace3m
Sue GraftonNew Books38m
Caroline Graham12m
Heather GrahamNew Books212f,h,m,r,t
Peter GraingerNew Books8m
Ann GrangerNew Books34m
Andrew GrantNew Books7m,t
Michael GrantNew Books15m
Susan GrantNew Books30f,m,r,s
Tracy Grant14m
Paula Graves74m,r
Sarah GravesNew Books19m
Alex GrayNew Books17m
Juliana GrayNew Books9m,r
Shelley Shepard GrayNew Books56m,r
Camilla Grebe4m
Alex GrecianNew Books7m
Andrew M Greeley71f,m
Cass GreenNew Books2m
Linda GreenNew Books9m
Sharon GreenNew Books72m,r,s
Martin H Greenberg657f,h,m,r,s,t
Kerry Greenwood55f,m
Michael Gregorio10m
Lena GregoryNew Books4m
Susanna GregoryNew Books38m
J M GregsonNew Books51m
Lois GreimanNew Books48m,r
Isabelle GreyNew Books6m
Christopher GreysonNew Books9m
H Terrell GriffinNew Books12m
Laura GriffinNew Books30m,r
Elly GriffithsNew Books17m
Martha GrimesNew Books37m
John GrishamNew Books56m,t
Andrew GrossNew Books23m,t
Michael C Grumley7m,s,t
Heather Gudenkauf7m
Alastair GunnNew Books6m
Elizabeth Gunn23m
Justin Gustainis14f,h,m,s
Peter Guttridge16m

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