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 Romance authors, surname starts with G BooksGenres
Ann H GabhartNew Books33r
Tina GabrielleNew Books9r
Patricia Gaffney21r,s
Shana GalenNew Books37r
Yasmine GalenornNew Books71f,h,m,r
Katherine GarberaNew Books225m,r,t
Kami GarciaNew Books23f,h,r
Terri Garey10f,h,r
Dorothy GarlockNew Books66r
Julie GarwoodNew Books40m,r
Diane GastonNew Books56r
Olivia GatesNew Books124f,r
Catherine GayleNew Books44r
Roberta Gellis46m,r
Catherine GeorgeNew Books119r
Cindy Gerard78m,r,t
Tess GerritsenNew Books58m,r
Fiona Gibson17r
Rachel GibsonNew Books26r
Nancy GideonNew Books36f,m,r
Emily Giffin11r
Jen GilroyNew Books3r
Deeanne Gist13m,r
Colleen GleasonNew Books46f,h,m,r
Abbi GlinesNew Books46f,r
Jane GodmanNew Books37f,m,r,t
Sally GoldenbaumNew Books28m,r
Jane GoodgerNew Books20r
Jo GoodmanNew Books45r
Linda GoodnightNew Books76r
Daisy GoodwinNew Books11r
Theodora GossNew Books9f,r
Eileen Goudge61f,m,r
Elizabeth Goudge51r
Leslie GouldNew Books24r
Tricia GoyerNew Books54r
Evie GraceNew Books2r
Samantha Grace17r
Viola GraceNew Books75f,r
Anne GracieNew Books29r
Heather GrahamNew Books192f,h,m,r,t
Lynne GrahamNew Books272r
Donna GrantNew Books103f,r
Susan GrantNew Books30f,m,r,s
Teresa Grant6r
Jane GravesNew Books30r
Paula Graves74m,r
Claudia GrayNew Books19f,h,r,s
Juliana GrayNew Books9m,r
Shelley Shepard GrayNew Books56m,r
Abby GreenNew Books127r
Jane GreenNew Books26r
John GreenNew Books11r
Sharon GreenNew Books72m,r,s
Martin H Greenberg656f,h,m,r,s,t
Leigh GreenwoodNew Books58r
Jill Gregory37f,r
Lois GreimanNew Books48m,r
Amelia GreyNew Books23r
Casey GriffinNew Books4r
Laura GriffinNew Books30m,r
Patience Griffin8r
Laura Lee GuhrkeNew Books26r

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