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 Science fiction authors, surname starts with G BooksGenres
Patricia Gaffney21r,s
Otto Willi Gail3s
Neil GaimanNew Books137f,h,s
Dave Galanter11s
Diana G Gallagher98f,h,m,r,s
Nicole GallandNew Books10f,s
Charles E GannonNew Books9s
Craig Shaw Gardner40f,h,s
Howard Garis36s
Mark A Garland8f,s
Graham Garner3s
Dee GarretsonNew Books5s,t
Marc Gascoigne46f,s
Mark Gatiss15m,s
Kelly GayNew Books8f,s
Colin Gee12s
Henry Gee15s
Gordon Van Gelder8s
David R George IIINew Books20s
Melanie George13s
David GerroldNew Books88s
Gary Gibson10s
William Gibson14s
Mel Gilden56s,t
David MacInnis Gill11f,s
Marc D Giller2s
Laura Anne GilmanNew Books35f,h,m,s
Newt GingrichNew Books13s,t
George Gipe4h,s
Wayne GladstoneNew Books3s
Ruth Glick21f,s
Dmitry GlukhovskyNew Books4s
Donald F Glut41f,s
Christie GoldenNew Books65f,h,s
Christopher GoldenNew Books185f,h,m,s,t
Stephen Goldin53m,r,s
Leslie Goldman27h,s
Tony Gonzales3s
Philip GoodenNew Books20f,m,s
Paula GoodlettNew Books43s
Archie Goodwin7s
Kathleen Ann Goonan9s
Ed GormanNew Books208h,m,s
Sharon GoslingNew Books16h,s
James GossNew Books22h,s
Phyllis Gotlieb17s
C S Goto8h,s
Jeff Gottesfeld52r,s
Ron Goulart136m,s,t
Steven Gould13s
Leopoldo GoutNew Books4s
David S Goyer3s
Chris GrabensteinNew Books48h,m,s
Sable Grace4f,h,s
Joey Graceffa2s
L A Graf16s
Daniel Graham4s
Jo Graham22m,s
Charles L GrantNew Books93f,h,s
John Grant60f,s
Michael GrantNew Books29f,h,s,t
Mira GrantNew Books20h,s
Rob Grant5s
Susan GrantNew Books28f,m,r,s
Alan GratzNew Books13s,t
Claudia GrayNew Books17f,h,r,s
Muriel Gray6s
Devin Grayson4s
Jonathan Green30f,s
Joseph L Green7s
Roland J Green42f,s,t
Sharon GreenNew Books71m,r,s
Simon R GreenNew Books81f,h,s
Terence M Green9s
Martin H Greenberg649f,h,m,r,s,t
Robert Greenberger21m,s
William Greenleaf5s
Ed GreenwoodNew Books85f,s
Daryl GregoryNew Books18s
Lois GreshNew Books29m,s
Thomas S Gressman7s
P M GriffinNew Books24f,s
Russell M Griffin4s
George Griffith27s
Matthew Griffiths1s
Amy Griswold7s
Jeff GrubbNew Books34f,s
Michael C GrumleyNew Books7m,s,t
Simon Guerrier14h,s
James E GunnNew Books40s
Ellen Guon6f,s
Justin Gustainis14f,h,m,s
David GuymerNew Books11f,s

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