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J B Garner

USA flag (b.1976)

J. B. Garner was born in Baltimore, MD,  the youngest of three children. While still young, the family moved to Peachtree City, GA. His parents always encouraged his creative side and J. B. began writing and drawing from an early age. Though considered talented by his teachers, he never fully applied himself and bounced through high school and into college at the Georgia Institute of Technology. During his freshman year, his father died suddenly.

Grief and lack of purpose caused J. B. to drop out of school. If not for a few close friends, he might have dropped out of life as well. Taken in by his friends and given a second chance, J. B. matured, applied himself, and finally, after over a decade of hard work, is now back to doing what he loves the most: writing.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction
Push Chronicles
1. Indomitable (2014)
2. Indefatigable (2014)
3. Incorruptible (2015)
Inspector Redmane Mysteries
1. The Songstress Murders (2016)
Dwarf for Hire
1. Rune Service (2017)
2. Once in a Blue Rune (2017)