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The Prodigal Genius

The Life and Times of Honore de Balzac
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In the dozens of novels that make up La Comedie humaine, Honore de Balzac mirrored his age with a fidelity unmatched by any of his contemporaries. We have only to glance at his books to be back in the scented and sensual world of Paris in the 1830's. In his time, Balzac was acclaimed a genius throughout Europe (an assessment with which he readily agreed). The genius that served him so well as a writer, however, deserted him as a man, and nowhere in his life were to be found the wisdom and understanding that became the hallmarks of his art. That is the life that Mr. Gerson recalls in this enthralling biography - a life that itself emerges here as one of Balzac's most extraordinary creations. It is a story in which ironies abound: the man who was the mirror of his age was incapable of seeing hi

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