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Anna HackettNew Books52f,m,r,s
Jane Haddam36m
Margaret Peterson HaddixNew Books51f,s,t
Nancy HaddockNew Books6h,m,r
Mark HaddonNew Books34h
David HagbergNew Books49s,t
Jean Hager59m,r
H Rider Haggard93t
Mary Downing HahnNew Books37h
Brian Haig9t
Francesca HaigNew Books3f
Matt HaigNew Books21h
Carolyn HainesNew Books43m,r
Jess HainesNew Books12f,h,r
David HairNew Books18f
Cathy Marie Hake64r
Kelly Eileen HakeNew Books38r
Joe Haldeman49s
Deborah HaleNew Books44r
Jenny HaleNew Books10r
Rebecca M Hale12m
Shannon HaleNew Books38f,r
Adam Hall28t
Emylia HallNew Books5
James W HallNew Books28m,s
Linsey HallNew Books23f,r
M R Hall8m
Maggie HallNew Books3r
Parnell HallNew Books47m,t
Patricia Hall25m
Rachel Howzell HallNew Books7
Steffie Hall3
Tarquin Hall8m
Tate Hallaway10f,h,r
Karina HalleNew Books40r
Gemma Halliday43m
Timothy HallinanNew Books25m
Craig HalloranNew Books69f
Barbara HamblyNew Books95f,h,m,r,s
Michael Hambling5m
Adam HamdyNew Books5t
Kate Hamer3
Alwyn HamiltonNew Books3f
Donald Hamilton39m,t
Duncan M Hamilton9f
Glen Erik HamiltonNew Books3m
Ian HamiltonNew Books15m
Laurell K Hamilton64f,h,s
Peter F HamiltonNew Books46f,s
Ruth HamiltonNew Books33
Sharon HamiltonNew Books46f,m,r
Steve HamiltonNew Books15m
Victoria HamiltonNew Books12m
James Hamilton-Paterson19
Lotte and Soren Hammer4m
Petra Hammesfahr2m
Dashiell Hammett45m
Gerald Hammond74m
Anne Hampson130r
June Hampson8m
Nell HamptonNew Books2m
Barb HanNew Books45m,r
Jenny HanNew Books14r
Graham Hancock24f
Cynthia HandNew Books7f,r
Elizabeth HandNew Books32h,m,s
Lori Handeland66f,r
Daniel HandlerNew Books9
David HandlerNew Books27m
James HankinsNew Books8m
H Y HannaNew Books25m
Kristin HannahNew Books35r,t
Mari HannahNew Books9m
Sophie HannahNew Books45m
Barbara HannayNew Books105r
Emma HanniganNew Books15
Irene HannonNew Books65m,r
M L N Hanover6f
Valerie HansenNew Books65m,r
Hart HansonNew Books1m
Maeve HaranNew Books17r
Cristin HarberNew Books27m,r
Beth HarbisonNew Books14r
Mark HardieNew Books2m
Jude HardinNew Books31h,m,t
Traci Harding25f,h
Frances HardingeNew Books8f,h
Lyndon Hardy3
Susannah Hardy3m
Thomas Hardy36
Matthew HarffyNew Books6t
Nick HarkawayNew Books8s
Deborah HarknessNew Books10f,h,r
Jennifer HarlowNew Books18f,m
Melanie HarlowNew Books7r
Dianne HarmanNew Books47m
Amy HarmonNew Books11f
Helen HarperNew Books34f
Jane HarperNew Books2m
Jordan HarperNew Books2m
Julia Harper3
Karen HarperNew Books67f,m,r
Molly HarperNew Books24f,h,r
Tom HarperNew Books13t
Anna HarringtonNew Books8r
C S HarrisNew Books14m
Charlaine HarrisNew Books87f,h,m,r,t
Joanne HarrisNew Books38f,m,s
Lee Harris20
Lisa HarrisNew Books15m,r
Lisa HarrisNew Books37m,r,t
Lynn Raye HarrisNew Books77m,r
Oliver HarrisNew Books4m
Robert HarrisNew Books19t
Robert J HarrisNew Books16
Rosemary Harris7m
Rosie Harris37r
Sherry HarrisNew Books6m
Tessa HarrisNew Books7m
Thomas Harris9h
Colin HarrisonNew Books8m
Cora HarrisonNew Books57m,r
Harry Harrison122f,m,s
Kim Harrison38f,h
Lisi HarrisonNew Books38h,r
Sarah HarrisonNew Books34m,r,t
Thea HarrisonNew Books27f,r
Cynthia Harrod-EaglesNew Books100m,r,t
Lilian HarryNew Books37
Donald Harstad7m
Carolyn HartNew Books73m
Ellen HartNew Books34m
Erin Hart4m
Jillian HartNew Books119r
Joe Hart18h,m
John HartNew Books6m,t
Liliana HartNew Books24m,r
Lily Harper HartNew Books71m,r
Raven Hart5
Rob HartNew Books7
A J HartleyNew Books19f,s
Lisa HartleyNew Books4m
Honor Hartman2
Rachel HartmanNew Books3f
Pamela HartshorneNew Books5
Linnea HartsuykerNew Books2
Sadie HartwellNew Books3m
Kent Haruf6
Alyxandra Harvey17f,h,r
Clare HarveyNew Books3
John HarveyNew Books50m
Kristy Woodson Harvey3
Michael Harvey8m,t
Sven Hassel16
Robin Lee HatcherNew Books82r
L B Hathaway5m
Rachel HauckNew Books39r
Michele HaufNew Books104f,h,m,r
Steven F HavillNew Books29m
Simon Hawke67f,h,s
Alexandra Hawkins14r
Karen HawkinsNew Books39r
Paula HawkinsNew Books2m
Rachel HawkinsNew Books11f,r
Sarah HawkswoodNew Books3m
Noah Hawley5m
Mo Hayder12m,t
Elizabeth Haydon15f
Drew HayesNew Books16f
Samantha Hayes6m
Terry HayesNew Books2m
James HaymanNew Books5m
Jennifer Haymore24r
Elizabeth Haynes7m
Jasmine HaynesNew Books7r
Jennifer HaywardNew Books47r
B B Haywood9m
James HazelNew Books1m
Lian Hearn17f
Kevin HearneNew Books24f,s
Lorraine HeathNew Books52r
Virginia HeathNew Books16r
Felicity HeatonNew Books59f,r
Chris HechtlNew Books33
Betty HechtmanNew Books18m
Jody HedlundNew Books23r
William Heffernan19m
Robert Heinlein65s
Elizabeth HeiterNew Books20m,r
Markus HeitzNew Books21f
Kristen Heitzmann27m,r,t
Veronica HeleyNew Books75m
Mandasue HellerNew Books17m
Nicole HelmNew Books35m,r
Colleen HelmeNew Books15
Peter HeltonNew Books11m
Ernest Hemingway48
John G Hemry7s
Barb HendeeNew Books33f,h,m,r
Dee HendersonNew Books31m,r
James HeneageNew Books5m
Virginia Henley41r
April HenryNew Books21m
Christina HenryNew Books10f,h,r
James HenryNew Books6m
Patti Callahan HenryNew Books13r
Sue Henry16m
Veronica HenryNew Books27r
Will Henry53
Mark HenshawNew Books4t
Holly HepburnNew Books12r
Vaughn HeppnerNew Books62f,s
Sally HepworthNew Books4
Brian HerbertNew Books48f,s
Frank Herbert55s
James Herbert28f,h
Eleanor HermanNew Books10f
Kathy HermanNew Books21m
Richard HermanNew Books16t
Treasure HernandezNew Books33r,t
Ruth Logan HerneNew Books55r
Ellen Herrick2
Anne HerriesNew Books128r
James Herriot42
Mick HerronNew Books14m
Rachael Herron18r
Rita HerronNew Books133m,r,t
Joan HessNew Books53m,r
Norah Hess28
Kate HewittNew Books172r
David HewsonNew Books47m,t
Georgette Heyer66m,r
Joseph HeywoodNew Books21m
Carl Hiaasen39m
Tracy Hickman100f,h,s
Joanna HicksonNew Books5
Keigo HigashinoNew Books9m
C A HigginsNew Books3
Jack Higgins82t
Kristan HigginsNew Books19r
Wendy Higgins11f,s
Rachel HigginsonNew Books52f,r
Liz Curtis HiggsNew Books48
Patricia Highsmith38m
Charlie Higson25h,s,t
Sarah HilaryNew Books6m
Elin HilderbrandNew Books27r,t
Casey Hill11m
Donna HillNew Books96r
Grace Livingston Hill131r
Joe HillNew Books53h
Melissa HillNew Books33r
Reginald Hill58m
Sandra HillNew Books58f,r
Susan HillNew Books90h,m
Suzette HillNew Books10m
Will HillNew Books11f
Anne HillermanNew Books11m
Tony Hillerman35m
L S HiltonNew Books3m
Laura V HiltonNew Books20r
Matt HiltonNew Books33m,t
Chester Himes24m
Jim C HinesNew Books24f
Lynne Hinton16r
Victoria Hislop15r
Tami HoagNew Books45m,r
Robin HobbNew Books33f
Roger Hobbs2m
Steve Hockensmith23h,m
Amanda HockingNew Books30f,h,m,r
Mark HodderNew Books13f
Sibel HodgeNew Books29m
P C HodgellNew Books13f
David HodgesNew Books10m
Antonia Hodgson3m
Peter HøegNew Books8m
B J Hoff35m,r
Alice HoffmanNew Books43
Jilliane Hoffman7m
Paul Hoffman5f
Kate HoffmannNew Books159m,r
Chuck Hogan13h,s
James P Hogan38s
Ruth HoganNew Books2
Cate HolahanNew Books3m
Wendy HoldenNew Books22r
Nancy HolderNew Books112f,h,m,r,s,t
James HollandNew Books19t
Malcolm HollingdrakeNew Books7m
Alan HollinghurstNew Books10
Jon HollinsNew Books3f
Lee HollisNew Books12m
Cheryl HollonNew Books4
Chris Holm8f,t
Jennifer L HolmNew Books51
Charlie N HolmbergNew Books7f
D K HolmbergNew Books72
Jenny HolmesNew Books5
Julianne HolmesNew Books3m
A J Holt3
Anne HoltNew Books15m
Cheryl HoltNew Books49r
Desiree HoltNew Books16h,m,r
Hazel Holt24m
Samantha HoltNew Books43r
Tom HoltNew Books55f,s
Victoria Holt35m,r
Joan HolubNew Books62f,h
Nancy Holzner7f,h,m
Tetsuya HondaNew Books3m
Gail HoneymanNew Books1
Ann HoodNew Books31f,r
Evelyn Hood55
Isaac HookeNew Books35s
Kay HooperNew Books85m,r
Colleen HooverNew Books17m,r
Maggie HopeNew Books16
Ellen HopkinsNew Books45m,r
Rachel HoreNew Books9r
Emma HornbyNew Books2
Nick Hornby32
Anthony HorowitzNew Books99f,m,t
Jørn Lier Horst6m
Griff HoskerNew Books90
David Hosp7m,t
Khaled Hosseini6
Colleen HouckNew Books10f,r
Jason M HoughNew Books9s
Lucy HounsomNew Books3f
David HousewrightNew Books23m
Victoria HoustonNew Books26m
A G HowardNew Books9f,r
Audrey Howard40
Blair HowardNew Books22
Elizabeth Jane Howard21
Jonathan L HowardNew Books19f,h
Linda HowardNew Books111f,h,m,r,s,t
Robert E Howard142f,s
Susan Howatch21r
Katherine Howe4
Dorothy Howell16m
Hannah HowellNew Books68f,h,r
Debbie HowellsNew Books5m
Pam HowesNew Books12
Hugh HoweyNew Books55s
Elizabeth HoytNew Books24r
Charlotte HubbardNew Books28r
L Ron Hubbard147f,h,s
Anna Lee HuberNew Books9m
Tanya HuffNew Books52f,h,m,s
Anita HughesNew Books13r
Charlotte Hughes46m,r
Kathryn HughesNew Books3
Mary Ellen HughesNew Books10m
Douglas Hulick2f
M K Hume15
C C Humphreys16f,m,t
Sara Humphreys18f,r
Angela HuntNew Books144r
April HuntNew Books3m,r
James Patrick Hunt18m,t
Alan Hunter49m
C C HunterNew Books18f,r
Denise HunterNew Books52r
Elizabeth Hunter47r
Elizabeth HunterNew Books30f,r
Erin HunterNew Books122f
Evan Hunter43
Faith HunterNew Books39f,h,r
Gwen Hunter17
Jillian Hunter28r
Kim Hunter11m
Kristi Ann HunterNew Books5r
Maddy HunterNew Books11m
Madeline HunterNew Books36r
McKenzie HunterNew Books9f,r
Sable HunterNew Books5
Seth Hunter6
Stephen HunterNew Books27m,t
Graham HurleyNew Books34t
Kameron HurleyNew Books17f,s
Gregg HurwitzNew Books22h,m,t
Christine Husom11m
Charlie Huston14f
Lindsey HutchinsonNew Books3
Meg Hutchinson28
Ty Hutchinson19m
Dot HutchisonNew Books4m
Shaun HutsonNew Books70h
Callie HuttonNew Books38r
Aldous Huxley65s
Catherine Ryan HydeNew Books32r
Christopher Hyde18
Julie HyzyNew Books26m

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